Not buying a Switch for my kid till QA impoves

I love the Switch. I am addicted to Switch. I let my child play my Switch often, but with all the quality issues that plague these first launch units I can't recommend buying another one just for your child.

Already, after less than 3 months, I have experienced a bent dock, scratches on my screen protector in the bezel area, plus my L and R Joy-Cons have chipped latches. I also think the right side of my Switch is slightly warped, but not excessively so.
Thankfully I had a screen protector that protected the Switches bezel area, but I bought a new screen protector and a dock "cozy" to protect the Switch further.

As for the Joy-Cons, without​ me dropping the Switch or the Joy-Cons, those latches already wore out making it impossible for them to lock on to the Switch.

Thank goodness I am under warranty, because I sent the left Joy-Con in a few weeks ago and now just today I contacted Nintendo to send my Dock and right Joy-Con in.

I so wanted to buy one just for my 8 year old son, but after all these issues I don't think Switch is rugged enough to withstand the wrath of my 8 year old boy, especially in portable mode. I know for sure that my child will inevitably drop the Switch, and if the Joy-Con latches break without being dropped they surely would break from a dropped Switch also.

I am hoping Nintendo will release a Switch Lite or improves the build quality of this version, because until then the Switch is not leaving the house in my sons hands.
QA is probably on par with most systems. Mine hasn't had any issues, for example. Stuff like the dock scratches can be avoided if you get a screen protector like the AM film one. It's cheap, brings two, and it's super nice
Docks and joycons can be easily replaced.

I don't think there's really anything​ that Nintendo can do for the Switch warping since IIRC it's a manufacturing defect.
In the same boat. I'm sorely tempted to play Zelda this summer but looking back at how my OG 3DS didn't hold up very well and how much better the Lite is, I think I can hold off.
I hd a bent dock that I fixed myself, you should do this! Heat the dock up with a hair dryer. Take a large book like a cookbook that you can shove inside and sorta test its limits (I could see the plastic bend a little at the joint.) Hairdry it some more (a video I followed told me to then cool it down with a damp paper towel on the outside) and heat it/cool it a few more times to set it.

Then leave it for a day. Took out my cookbook, plastic goes back into place but it passes the penny test now and does touch the switch
I thought I was gonna have warping issues with how often mine is docked, but nothing so far *knocks on wood*

My only gripe is the WiFi is fucking horrible. I can't even move 25 feet from the router or it drops signal. I don't have this issue on my Galaxy Note or my moms Kindle.
Absolutely zero problems here. No dust. No warp, no dead pixels, no scratching. Only thing I don't like is the Switch deciding it wants to control the tv.
Same. You're apparently really unlucky. Only thing I did was slap a screen protector on it.

It's also poor form to extrapolate your experience to the hardware as a whole. My launch PS4 broke, needed to get it fixed. I went through *4* Xbox Ones before I got one without a fan that was super audible. Yet I didn't make a thread about those experiences claiming QA was bad.

And OP, are the images in the OP supposed to illustrate something?
No bent dock or screen scratches here, had mine almost a month now.
Only issue I've got is the left joycon not passing the "behind the back" test, that said I've had zero issues with it while playing.
Have a warped dock that scratched my screen protector (shit Nintendo plastic one, replaced with a glass one), joycon connectivity issues, and absolutely shit wifi connection. The full package. I fixed the bent dock with a thicc book, but I'd wait, too. Do you think I could send mine in for the WiFi issue? Or is that something that Nintendo hasn't acknowledged
In terms of the build quality, I haven't experienced any issues and am very impressed.

However, unlike my other devices such as a laptop and smartphone, the Wi-Fi on my Switch is disappointing. I don't know why, but I'm 30cm away from my router and it's not at full signal.
Those minor defects/quality deviation aside, the Switch is one tough device, as seen by various videos that take it through hell and back, yet it still kept working. In one video where destruction was inevitable, the damn thing somehow kept "working" for way longer than what seems logical!
(On mobile, and too lazy to link)

It may eventually look pretty busted if your kid is a bit rough, but unless they plan to use the thing as a substitute soccer ball or something, I wouldn't worry too much. If they can't handle a Switch, then they probably aren't ready for any modern device.

It was very unfortunate that all those things all happened to your Switch. I've heard of individual issues, but all those combined does seem very rare, so I wouldn't let that stop another purchase in the near future. Good luck still.
The things with Switch are quite normal as far a launches go. Is why some prefer to wait at least a year. Q&A seems to be fine. And even waiting is no guarantee as you might get an unit with no problems.

If anything is better to wait until the stock issues are solved, so that whenever you get one it can be easily replaced if there are problems.
Actually told someone to wait as well. Love the thing but have no long term confidence after looking at their kid's 3 year old DS and countless iPad screen replacements.

They need a case like this lol...
I thought I had warping problems but measurements and removing the hori protector showed that the Switch is still flat, and I've docked it for quite a bit. I have a feeling it might be a manufacturing defect related to shit battery (complaints about swollen battery) or poor QA in shipments.
I threw a screen protector on because I'm paranoid about plastic screens but I've had no issues so far. Left joy-con gets dodgy at 15 or 20 feet, at least ten feet longer than I'll ever realistically use it. Regularly take it in and out of the dock and carry it around in a messenger bag (inside a traveling case) or naked in my jacket and no marks or anything.
Actually told someone to wait as well. Love the thing but have no long term confidence after looking at their kid's 3 year old DS and countless iPad screen replacements.

They need a case like this lol...
no amount of revision or waiting is going to protect a switch from a 3 year old...
Definitely a new dock is needed, the crap that comes right now must be change for something stronger and not just cheap plastic that easily bends.

Iam o the same boat as OP waiting for a quality revision from Nintendo.
This is the opposite experience to what myself and a dozen fiends have experienced...
Pack it up here folks, ZAMtendo and his fiends experienced nothing of the sort. You should be ashamed of yourself OP.

I haven't used my switch much (clearing out other backlog) but I got a glass screen protector when I heard about dock issue. Knock on wood, I hope nothing else happens.