Not to be outdone, Mary Jane becomes every superhero in new Marvel variants for June.

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I like the iron fist cover the most.

Punisher variant looks like a "What If...?" parody.

Do they still make these? Or did they realize they would run into a wall where the Whatifiverse would intersect too much with the insane ideas they actually put forward in the canon?


Venom cover looks like something they actually would have done back in the 90s.

Wait, was there a story where MJ got a symbiote? I'd be kind of surprised if they didn't do it.
As I said in the Comics OT, I dig some of those covers. I'm hoping there are more to be revealed. And I wouldn't mind if some of these covers were expanded upon (such as MJ Fist and Captain Marvel J).
Not that I want Mary Jane to be any of these characters, but these all look great!

The Captain Marvel, Hulk and Strange ones are easily standouts.
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