Not to be outdone, Mary Jane becomes every superhero in new Marvel variants for June.

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Janepool looks strangely like a character from Overwatch.

For whatever reason, I actually wouldn't mind a female Punisher.
I'm pretty sure there was a character that was basically female punisher. Was a redhead too. Can't remember the comic but spiderman and daredevil were also involved.
Janepool is awesome. Mary-Jane Venom is scary. Samnee's Captain Martson is what Carol shoud have been and it hurts even more given than she, in her "let's show everyone my butt" phase, was almost dating Peter.
And fuck Mephisto.
I'm loving that venom art. But there's something... Off about the punisher art. Like, I love how it's a call-back, but there's something about it that I don't like...
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