NPD Sales Results For March 2017 [Up2: Year to date charts, platform specific charts]

Bomberman in the NPD with a 60$ game. Hahaha Wow

And great to see Nier at top 10, plus we had some KH in the top 20 for the second month in a row. SE is doing great this year. Just need something for the second half of 2017 besides Zodiac Age
Mass Effect at #3 even though it came out two weeks later or more than it's competitors in the top 4.

I mean, it's good for the franchise I guess, but people really like their unfinished games. And it's not like the issues weren't vastly showcased before release. Voting with your wallet indeed.
I enjoyed Mass Effect. Not an amazing game, but a solid 7.5-8.

This is Sam Naji from NPD

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I guess it's pretty reasonably to assume that nintendo switch was the reason for uptick in March, for hardware and software.
Going by the ongoing scarcity I would expect this momentum to last at least until june with a steady release of software (MK8, Splatoon 2, Arms) for the most fervent fans to buy.
Congrats to Nintendo! First time they got the #1 spot in hardware in like, what? 5 years???? Wii U came and went and they never were this high! Hope the Switch momentum keeps going now that MK8 Deluxe is around the corner in a pink boost! hehe.
You might be right, but I thought when comonies made financoak projections it will generally shipped, not sold. As for RE7 I think the lack of replay value may have hurt it more tHan the switch in perspective. No mercenaries mode or any equivalent mode meant was I done with it after one playthrough. Short single player games with no MP component don't sell exceptionally well these days.
You're probably right that Those things probably played a large factor in the drop off.
They at least already confirmed 8 is in development and the game was profitable. So it'll be more a dissapointment to their share holders who will be dissapointed to see another top capcom IP still not making at least the estimate if it happens. Though if it does make it (there's still some chance). It'll be very close. I doubt We would see a surprise 4.5 million or 5 million for the game shipped in next weeks report.

It'll be interesting to see if sales jump up when the free DLC hits.
Bleck, people giving money to Konami. Aside from that, really diverse list on the charts. I wonder how long before the big third parties will give nintendo another shot (if bomberman can chart).
Did the 1.3 million Zelda units sold come from Nintendo (which would include digital) or NPD (which would not)? I haven't seen any definitive statement on that.


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Congrats to Nintendo! First time they got the #1 spot in hardware in like, what? 5 years???? Wii U came and went and they never were this high! Hope the Switch momentum keeps going now that MK8 Deluxe is around the corner in a pink boost! hehe.
IIRC someone said the 3DS got #1 a few times.
12 Switch sold about what I expected from it, but I'm surprised Bomberman charted at all. Only because of the increased positions, but still. (Btw thanks a lot for this NPD dudes)

Great month
Oh, good! Thanks for your availability :) Personal inquire: article states the following about Zelda sales

The initial context is about overall Zelda sales in the market history, and then it deals with BotW's actual sales. But since it shifts right after to Switch's total packaged sales, I wanted to have perfect clarity on this: are the BotW physical sales reported here Switch alone, as one could think by reading the reference to Switch's overall packaged sales, or the overall total (Switch + Wii U), as the extract's beginning can imply?
The $1.4B includes all of Zelda spending from 1995 to date including Switch and Wii U
How can we trust info coming from a banned member? After all, NeoGAF is the ultimate authority, being a nexus of hardcore gamers and all.

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*satisfied expression appears on face*
Any hints towards NieRs sales range?
Well, based on what we know of 1-2 Switch (19% attach rate) and Horizon (double Shadow Fall), we can place everything between them on the charts between 172k and 540k.

I'd guess Nier is probably in the 200-250k range since it's only a few spots above 1-2 Switch, although it could be a little higher.
Microsoft doesn't share digital sales, so I suspect it will pop back up next month when those are included.

I found this to be one of the most interesting takeaways from this NPD report. I wonder if Sony and Nintendo will follow suit with offering tracking data on digital sales.
Well done to everyone, really! Nier, Horizon, Switch, Zelda, all great games that deserve their success. Wonder if the Switch is going to keep the #1 spot in April, it's got the supply constraint and MK8D isn't out until the end of the month; guess we're just gonna have to wait and see.


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So glad to see Bomberman on there. It's a good game. No, really--it is. The multiplayer is a blast, and the co-op story mode is a lot of fun, too.
Persona 5? Or was that not a big hit here in the states? I know I read somewhere that it had sold/shipped (not sure which one) 1.5 million ww.
Shipped 1.5 million worldwide, which probably means it shipped around 900k outside of Japan. Not sure how much of that might have been in Asia, though. (And it could always ship more if it's selling well)

It should have a solid debut on NPD next month, although I expect Mario Kart will be higher even with only a couple of days.
Nier shipped around a million worldwide, and only about 250K of that at the time was from Japan, and that got it to 9th place in the NPD chart.
Yeah it's not likely maybe top 5 though? Also Persona 5 seems to be undershipped in EU could have shipped more that's for sure.
Do we have any sale data of past Bomberman games ? I'm really interested. It probably sold around 100k here.
Dug a few more data about Bomberman series in US:

Bomberman 64 (N64): 420K
Bomberman Hero (N64): 225K
Bomberman Generation (GC): 113K (probably not final LTD)
Bomberman Party (PS1): 56K
Bomberman World (PS1): 45K
Bomberman 2 (N64) : 35K
Bomberman Online (DC): 18K
A Nier / Platinum game in the top 10. Awesome.

Really interested to see how well Mario Kart 8 Deluxe does in April with only three days on the market. I think it's going to live in the top 10 for the rest of 2017.