NPD Sales Results for May 2014 [Up1: Wii U Hardware]

May 31, 2013
Ian's claim of 90% YOY is YTD though

Ian Sherr
I misread--Wii U sales are up 90% so far in 2014, compared to 2013. That's US, of course. #NPD
This one is MOM right?

Ian Sherr
Wii U hardware sales were up more than 85% in May specifically, with only two days of Mario Kart being on the market for the survey. #NPD
1.85 * 48k ~= 88.8k

Edit: Wait I think that means the 85% is YOY for May then? So Wii U ~62.9k?
Dec 5, 2008
Not surprised at the MK8 domination.

Not to sound like a troll or anything, but I really think its just WiiU owners starving for a game, and MK8 fills that need. Plus its a good game too.
Jul 26, 2013
Not shocked to see Triple Deluxe up there,its a pretty damn good game. I am not surprised at 3DS beating Xbox One since a lot were waiting on the kinect less model. Ps4 still owning these NPD's though, I'm happy for Sony.
Nov 19, 2007
Nice to see MLB do well given how great the games are, but really no other options if you want a legit baseball game on a current gen console. Hopefully EA or someone else picks up a license and keeps them on their toes so the franchise doesnt go Madden on us
Mar 3, 2012

This is sort of the problem with MK8 doing well. Because now there's nothing to carry the momentum. I don't mean "Rarghargh they should have had Smash ready in the summer, they are fools," but, like, the next major game is coming out in September (Hyrule Warriors, so your definition of "major" should be adjusted considering what we're talking about). July if you want to count Wii Sports Club, which you probably shouldn't.

This is a problem that could have been easily foreseen and, more to the point, seems to be actively intentional? Like, Hyrule Warriors is coming out over a month after its Japanese release. Nintendo's actively sabotaging their own release schedule here.

They seemingly knew people were going to pick up the system for MK8, they've outright said they were counting on it. So why on earth did they fail to capitalize?

Serious tho, you're completely right. They should at least try to offer something this summer to carry the momentum. At this moment I'd even be okay with a lot of VC releases + a Wii U Selects budget lineup of older games priced lower. That would at least satisfy both new and old wii u owners untill fall is there.

Really weird.