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NPD Sales Results for November 2013 [Up3: Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, 3DS, Wii U]


Apr 16, 2012
First month sales:

[WII] Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) {November 12, 2007} - 1,120,000
[WIU] Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo) {November 22, 2013} - 215,000
Wow, this is really bad.. but who did not see this coming from 220 miles away?

At least, we have 3DS..


Oct 17, 2013
So MS lost its home turf to Sony, got whipped elsewhere in the world, yet still spin the numbers to have a better average per day.

Good comedy


Jul 13, 2013
Yep Nintendo needs to pull out the price drop, secure more third parties, and stop sitting on the warchest. It's time to use the money.
I experimented with my Wii U the past week. I never once used the Gamepad. Simply used the Pro controller for everything (obviously I couldnt use the eshop since that requires the pad). It was wonderful. With some firmware tweaking, Nintendo could easily remove the gamepad from the equation and lower the price of the console a good deal. Not saying they will, but just saying that the console experience without the gamepad was really good. The Pro controller in many ways is better than either new next gen controller. But they're Nintendo, which means they'll ride the gamepad into the grave.


Jun 13, 2013
I think they can try again.

Killing the wiiu will hurt and lead to massive changes, but I think sticking with a turd product for 5 years is gong to hurt them more as they slide further into irrelevance.
Killing the WiiU to start over would be billions in sunk cost on the WiiU and billions more on a new system while killing any brand loyalty you have (even if it is low) to release a new console that may or may not do well.
That's a horrible way to go.


Wildcard berths that can't beat teams without a winning record should have homefield advantage
Jul 31, 2007
Pretty much. What people forgot was that the Wii was the outlier in the Nintendo family of home consoles.

Every single Nintendo home console since the NES has seen significant decline in sales compared to its predecessor.

The Wii was the single exception to that. The Wii U is the return to form. Nintendo has become irrelevant in the home console business. They need to pull out, and now because they are embarrassing themselves and running their business into the ground.
The thing is, though, is that Nintendo could withstand another major console failure AFTER this one. All it would take is another Wii situation to bring them back again. I worry that they'll try pulling the same thing next gen, too.

Sony releasing the PS4 games weeks before the actual console launch is just pure genius marketing strategy. I mean literally the beginning of the month and they already have PS4 games out there just to increase awareness of the inevitable PS4 console release. Sony stepped their game up for sure this gen that's for damn sure.
Agreed. It has been a near-perfect launch for Sony. The games ahead of time thing was brilliant.
Sep 16, 2012
They still make profit on 3DS, they won't be losing money on Wii U, and a system more powerful than PS4 will give them at least 3 years on the market alone as the most powerful console.

If it's a visible difference and the right games are there at launch, it will have been far enough away from the PS4/XB1 launch that the core will be starving for a new system to buy.
Except their won't be third party support, they'd have to redo all their production pipeline and games just aren't gonna lack that much better in an incremental upgrade.


Mar 1, 2006
Xbox and Playstation numbers are just... so impressive. Never before a single console manage to sell that much at launch, and here we are with 2 monsters. Wow


If Wii U really did sell somewhere around 220,000, that's utterly abysmal. Horrid, horrid numbers. GameCube managed twice that.
Well, second november for the Gamecube didn't compete with 2 millions HW sales competitors. The Wii U sales have been bad since the beginning of 2013, the perception among gamers and masses is negative, so there really no point for GAF to expect NPD after NPD some miracle that will never come. Even IF things turns good in the long run, the momentum will come slowly.

Cygnus X-1

Mar 7, 2007
3DS+2DS doing < 770K with a new Zelda bundle on the market and $99 Black Friday sales is downright shocking

There are no other words for it.

Thank goodness for Japan.
People are overlooking that; yet this is probably the most horrendous figure here.


The Birthday Skeleton
Jan 9, 2013
Yep Nintendo needs to pull out the price drop, secure more third parties, and stop sitting on the warchest. It's time to use the money.
I just felt the need to applaud a rational post. We'll see if this will happen.


Jun 19, 2009
The Nintendo brand is finally over. Maybe next decade!

It's over, period. Nintendo lost the casuals, and that's the end of their Wii U hopes and dreams.

It's not hyperbole, it's not fanboy drivel. It is LITERALLY it for Wii U. Nintendo has nothing left, nothing they have can fix the hole now created. There is no reason left for anyone, hardcore or casual, to substantially invest in a Wii U. Except if they want to play Bayonetta 2. Which will also come to PS4 at some point.

Microsoft and Sony took the last reason away that anyone would NEED to own a WiiU over a PS4 or Xbox one(except Miiverse LOL GAMING), and the cavalcade of tiny titles that will be nice but won't stir up any sales is not going to salvage the underpowered non-entity that was Wii U.

There may be some hardcore gamers that stick around. Some did it for PS3 too. But the last bell tolled. Maybe next decade.

The age of Nintendo is done.
You mean the Wii brand right?


Oct 28, 2013
MS should consider it a win to be basically going even with Sony after the PR disaster earlier this year and the more expensive price tag.
I've been reading this sentiment a lot lately on GAF, and no.

8 months of bad press do not even begin to wipe away the 8 years of utter dominance in the US console market that Microsoft has enjoyed over Sony. Painting the Xbone as any kind of underdog in the US is downright ludicrous.

Microsoft failed to sell a million units in the first week, a figure the PS4 reached in a single day. They cannot afford to consider this launch as a 'win'.


Jun 17, 2013
Lisburn - UK
YES! Seeing the Wii U fail makes me happy! And seeing the PS4 at the top is even better! I hope Nintendo doesn't stick with their current hardware philosophy. I want more hardware muscle!
Be careful what you wish for, Nintendo could end up going the way of sega, pretty much gone. Maybe the odd software showing. I do hope they release another console, one on reasonable parity.