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NPD Sales Results for November 2013 [Up3: Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, 3DS, Wii U]


Oct 17, 2013
I'm done with MS here... no more posts there. As for Nintendo, hopefully we get another price drop soon so I can buy a Wii U for some of that excellent software


Feb 13, 2012
Fukuoka, Japan
no way that happens.

the vast majority of that 3.91 (?) million they''ve sold so far was within the first couple months of launch. they're around 1 million WW TOTAL this year.

at this rate, assuming sales don't go down (which is a BAD assumption) it will take 5 solid years of sales to hit 10 million. They're not going to be on shelves that long.

The WiiU is going to end up doing somewhere between the 3D0 and the Saturn, and go down as one of the worst consoles of all time.
They should be able to do 1.5 million a year at LEAST between Japan and US. In my mind it is impossible that they will not hit 10 million.

The power that Mario has just by being Mario far outclasses any of those games. :/
So? That doesn't answer my question of what other high profile games lie in the tubes for the Vita.


Mar 30, 2009
So what does Nintendo even have next year other than Smash Bros?

Bayonetta ain't gonna sell shit, same with Donkey Kong. X might make it at the tail end but I'm sure that's still in the air.
There's Mario Kart although it's hard to be optimistic that it will change much.


May 19, 2005
United Kingdom
I'm not sure how they can battle the handheld problem. Mobiles arent just going to back off anytime soon. It saddens me more there as most of the games I end up playing are handheld titles.
I thought price was the thing holding the 3DS back but it doesn't seem to be the case at all. ~200k increase over a bland 2012 November is a bad result with a floundering (at best) WiiU to also consider. Nintendo needs to rethink their entire strategy. Playing it safe with their key franchises and playing chance with a new hardware 'hook' is not a reliable strategy. Sooner or later they'll have to pay attention to what the competition out there is doing (Iwata do this or be booted).


Mar 19, 2013
I agree. Almost a million in sales in a week is pretty darn good. And I say this as a person who has no interest in the X1. I'm just glad the two consoles are doing well.
Totally agree... Xbone did great at all... if ti was alone it could be the top launch selling console ever...

Both console are doing crazy numbers,,, Xbone just seems lower because the PS4 is doing something out of this world but the Xbone sales are AMAZING too.


Jul 12, 2009
Wii U is dead in EU. They never had any support there.
Wii U is dead in NA. No amount of Marios, Smash and Karts can save it.
Wii U is dead in JP. No amounts of DQX expansion packs can save it.

Vita on the other hand still has potential in Japan and the rest of the world (as a glorified PS4 controller)

Vita will probably top 10 million while the WiiU won't.
This post about the Vita makes me laugh. The Vita is a joke that even Sony (of America) doesn't care about.


Jun 9, 2012
You forgot the other big one, Mario Kart.
It's going to be interesting to see just how hard Mario Kart underperforms and how many consoles it actually pushes. If Mario Kart does nothing, they will probably leave the system out in the wild to die.


Apr 11, 2013
I uh....you coming from 2012 or something?
it's been dead since the beginning of the year
There was some guy saying the Wii U would sell heaps after SSB, MK8 and a few other games came out. I disagreed, he called it hyperbole.

Maybe he was just hopeful. I dunno. But a few others jumped to his defense.


Jul 8, 2011
West Virginia
Aren't Pokemon numbers pretty low? Or is that how they normally are? I've never been interested in the franchise so I haven't followed sales much, but with how much of a juggernaut people make it out to be, I imagined that they would be much higher.


Mar 3, 2010
It's the software numbers that have to be super grim for Nintendo. Like if their best selling franchise is doing piss poor then what does that imply for everything else?

Cygnus X-1

Mar 7, 2007
I kinda think Nintendo's business is in danger in North America unless the next console reinvents itself. Wii U is dead but we all know that. The 3Dees is pathetic. Models are low price points, big software, etc. And that's what you come up with?

Long term nintendo has to be like oh shiz.
Pretty much yeah. Maybe not the collapse point for the handhelds, but I see dangerous signals too.

I do think that the clouds are getting dark to the point that Nintendo will be forced to act.


Oct 20, 2011
I think panic mode Nintendo absolutely exists and it leads to January's Nintendo Direct. Announce a bunch of vaporware that is years away from release. Now is the real test of their mettle, will they announce new games or just leave it to Mario Kart, Smash Bros, X and Zelda?


Jul 29, 2012
They should be able to do 1.5 million a year at LEAST between Japan and US. In my mind it is impossible that they will not hit 10 million.
That is way too generous imo.

Aren't Pokemon numbers pretty low? Or is that how they normally are? I've never been interested in the franchise so I haven't followed sales much, but with how much of a juggernaut people make it out to be, I imagined that they would be much higher.
Super loaded first month?


Nov 30, 2011
Yes enjoy your PC gaming, says 1 percent of gamers (yes I'm exaggerating). I'll be busy with Killer instinct, Assassins Creed 4, NBA 2k14, Ryse, Killzone, Knack, and Battlefield and Dead Rising. What a piss poor launch lineup that over 4 million people seem to want huh? Lol
Crappy fighting game, boring rehash, yearly sports game, 900p QTE fest, shooting game, mascot game, another shooting game and one decent (money hat) game.

A lot of people didn't buy the console for the lineup. Hell it's been 8 years since last gen's launch.


Jul 27, 2007
Miami, FL
I think Nintendo's best move at this point is to re-enact the third pillar strategy by 2015 like they did with the DS back in 2004. Let that hopefully be at least enough of a success to ride out the next 5 years or so... and then focus on being more of a consumer entertainment and devices-like company with a specialty in games. Phones and tablets and other smart-devices.

That and they should really start leveraging their better known IPs as movies and TV shows... maybe even a theme park.

They really, truly do need a longterm, fundamental change of direction though.
I agree 100%. It still boggles my mind that they haven't even unleashed their old game library on the virtual console. They are not leveraging their properties intelligently if at all.


Dec 5, 2012
If they really do this GameCube "hold on" bullshit, I'd laugh. But they've already set precedent by turning 3DS around. They have expectations now.
You can laugh, but it would be the best course of action, Sony did it with the PS3 (obviously the PS3 wasn't nearly as bad as the Wii U's state) and look how the PS4 has turned out for them? I don't expect Nintendo to fix as many issues with the Wii U compared to the number of issues fixed from the PS3 to the PS4, but there should be a realization.

Anyways, you can wait as long as you want for this turnaround to good numbers is impossible. Something happening once is not setting a precedent. This is never true for anything. Only way the Wii U will start selling at GCN numbers is if the price is at $199.
Hmm, Sony being surprisingly consistent in not giving us any NPD PR even with a good number to tout... :/
Only the numbers for the PS4 is good.


Sep 25, 2005
Not this again, power has nothing do it....it's a brand problem...
It's a major part of the problem. The power ensures that the system will never get the major multiplatform games that the PS4 and XB1 will receive. It makes porting a chore, and given the lack of a "hardcore" userbase plus the absence of any online gaming community, there really is little point even porting 360/PS3 ports to the system.

The issue is a mixture of problems that simply make it an inferior product, given how much multiplat titles and online gaming drive sales. These were deliberate tech and strategy decisions by Nintendo, and they backfired.

Today's sales confirm what we already knew: the WiiU is irrelevant to the US market. It's not outright dead, as it is in the European market, but that doesn't provide much comfort. This isn't something a game or two can solve, after all every single game that Nintendo fans argue will save the WiiU came out on the GameCube...and didn't save it.

Nintendo went full throttle on the casual gaming market with the Wii, but they forgot there are two casual gamers. One enjoyed Brain Training, WiiFit, and other party games they could play with family during the holidays; that group has since moved on to smartphones, Kindles, Angry Birds, etc. The other casual gamers live for CoD, Madden, Halo, etc. They love online gaming, they like bragging to friends about their e-exploits. Nintendo has completely ignored that group with two consoles now, and their chickens are coming home to roost.


Oct 31, 2011
The Nintendo brand is finally over. Maybe next decade!

It's over, period. Nintendo lost the casuals, and that's the end of their Wii U hopes and dreams.

It's not hyperbole, it's not fanboy drivel. It is LITERALLY it for Wii U. Nintendo has nothing left, nothing they have can fix the hole now created. There is no reason left for anyone, hardcore or casual, to substantially invest in a Wii U. Except if they want to play Bayonetta 2. Which will also come to PS4 at some point.

Microsoft and Sony took the last reason away that anyone would NEED to own a WiiU over a PS4 or Xbox one(except Miiverse LOL GAMING), and the cavalcade of tiny titles that will be nice but won't stir up any sales is not going to salvage the underpowered non-entity that was Wii U.

There may be some hardcore gamers that stick around. Some did it for PS3 too. But the last bell tolled. Maybe next decade.

The age of Nintendo is done.
Amir0x would be proud :D


Oct 17, 2013
So what does Nintendo even have next year other than Smash Bros?

Bayonetta ain't gonna sell shit, same with Donkey Kong. X might make it at the tail end but I'm sure that's still in the air.
Has Bayonetta even had a release date announced yet?


Nov 3, 2006
Hate to say it, but Dreamcast had a killer library too.
And the DC wasn't coming off of a generation leading 100 million selling console.

If the WiiU does under 10 million (likely) it will have lost over 90% of the Wii's audience.

90. percent.


Jun 15, 2007
I truly hope these numbers have scared the crap out of Nintendo and have Iwata scared as to what investors will want to do and say. They need to get their heads out of their asses or this system is going to be dead and no first party games are going to sell well. Forget third parties completely at this point. Nintendo's own games aren't selling on it and that's been the case for a while now.That is a massive problem they have to address. There is still December but I don't see things being much different.

So the holiday has come and is going. I really want to see what Nintendo plans to do now. I have a 3DS so I'm okay for the most part. I'ts my primary game system and it and the DS have been for the last few years. I have a Wii U and I can wait for the next set of Nintendo games. My PC will be used for everything else. Nintendo had it's chance. I don't expect any multiplatform games I'm interested going forward and I blame Nintendo for not selling their own systems. Outside of Nintendo games I believe I'm going to have to wash my hands of it going forward.

I'd love to pick up a PS4 but don't see any games to really make me pull that trigger just yet so PC it is for the time being.


Jul 4, 2010
From what I've seen nobody considers the Dreamcast one of the worst consoles of all time.
And nobody considers the DC one of the worst consoles of all time. Unless they only look at sales, and even then it's most likely in the top 50%.
And who on Earth considers Dreamcast one of the worst systems of all time? It's almost universally in the top 10 of most lists.
I meant "worst" by whatever measure Manmademan was using.