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NPD Sales Results for November 2014 [Up3: NPD Data Error, AC:U #5]


Oct 27, 2004
Nowhere, PA
Yeah, at this point he should be banned. It seems the train went off the rails...

...Stil, not buying the 1.2 millions number just for US...again, it's such a huge first November that MS would've been absolutely proud to state it in their PR. Heck, is the PR posted on Xbox Wire now? I read it wasn't, earlier.

Like I said earlier:

Amir0x said:
I also want to note we should be careful about just accepting the 7-10k number at face value. Aqua and creamsugar haven't commented to my knowledge, and cboat has been tricked by sources before.

We could be talking about a much bigger gap for all we know quite yet.

I have not heard the gap was this close either, so CBOAT's numbers threw me off guard. Trying to contemplate how it fits in with the shreds of data we do have, Abidel's musings is the closest we have otherwise. 1.2 number would make it unlikely then PS4 could be as close as it was with hardware sales down year-over-year percentage wise.

Things are very curious indeed right now.


Jun 7, 2004
Cboat should be taken care of if he's caught spreading FUD about MS again. Let's see what the real numbers are
Aug 13, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
Hello! Second post in this thread, I think I missed some other questions way back, but, eh...

As to your inquiry, our stores saw a *lot* of PS4 inventory. Our local Sony/PS rep was in my home store talking with management about shifting extra stock. We restocked the floor pallets/piles repeatedly.

The XB1s we had (the bundles anyway) were selling out very quickly... But that also has *some* to do with MS not really sending us aggressive inventory through the month. I think we saw 1-2 major shipments (which weren't small, mind you), but they weren't on the same level.

So the XB1 'velocity' was higher, they'd sell really fast from the aggressive thing, more people piling in at the urgency points, but the PS4s were just constantly selling at really, really solid numbers. Just chipping away at that sales lead with a relentless momentum.

AC Unity and the MCC issues really didn't help, either. A few of our stores were outright accepting *returns* of MCC because of the faulty launches. Normally, we don't accept any opened software returns except as an exchange for the same game. We were giving store credit in most cases, but, yeah. Some seriously upset Halo fans were seen. Bundling the PS4 with 2 games that received near universal acclaim and especially GTA V continuing to sell gangbusters...

Anyway, that's why I couldn't make a clear call for either system last month. Clear differences in the mindset approaching how to sell this month... If MS hadn't basically eviscerated their own bottom line, there wouldn't have been any contest.

I see. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

I had to skip 25 pages and I still haven't caught up with the thread. =/


Aug 27, 2008
Wow, did cboat just do a suicide run?

No way he didn't know post BS like that would be acceptable.


Aug 24, 2011
Even if cboat was wrong I really don't think the gap is bigger than something like 100-150k. If MS had actually won with something like 300k units they would be touting the usual ''Xbox One had **% share of the current gen market this month''. Must be pretty close.
Nov 2, 2014
As a proud owner of solely a PS4, I am very happy at this news. This should put fire under Shu's ass, which can only mean good things for PS4 games and the industry in general.
This makes no sense... Sony has been executing their plan to perfection and this changes nothing.... Games are being made.


Dec 11, 2008
Welp guys, I'm out

not really, i'm not going


Neo Member
May 23, 2013
Well, Sony really needs to cut the PS4 price now. They're getting their asses kicked in December too. This really is the start of a new trend.

Not sure if you're being serious or joking. But if i owned Sony, i'd rather come in 2nd place with just a marginal difference to its competition and make money, than lose a huge chunk of money just to beat the competition by a small margin. (If CBOAT's facts are true)