NPD Sales Results for October 2010 [Update 6: Rock Band 3]


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May 30, 2004
4- week month; reporting period 10/3/10 through 10/30/10


New! 01. NBA 2K11 (360, PS3, PS2, PSP, WII, PC) TAKE 2 INTERACTIVE - 1.15 Million (Double Last Year)
02. Fallout: New Vegas **(360, PS3, PC) BETHESDA SOFTWORKS - 1,117,000
New! 03. Medal of Honor **(360, PS3, PC) ELECTRONIC ARTS - Over 1 Million
04. Fable III **(360) MICROSOFT - 580K - Second highest individual SKU
05. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II **(360, PS3, WII, PC, NDS) LUCASARTS
06. Halo: Reach **(360) MICROSOFT - 315K
07. Just Dance 2 (WII) UBISOFT - 286K
08. FIFA Soccer 11 (PS3, 360, WII, PS2, PSP, NDS, PC) ELECTRONIC ARTS
09. Madden NFL 11 (360, PS3, WII, PS2, PSP) ELECTRONIC ARTS
10. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 (PS3, 360, PS2, WII, PSP) THQ - 225K

**(includes CE, GOTY editions, bundles, etc. but not those bundled with hardware)

New! 15. Rock Band 3 (All Platforms) - 140K

New! XX. Wii Party - Notably Less Than 150,000
New! XX. Kirby's Epic Yarn - ~100,000
New! XX. DJ Hero 2 - 59,000
New! XX. NBA Jam - Less Than 50,000
New! XX. EA MMA - 45,000
New! XX. Shaun White Skateboarding - Less Than 6000
New! XX. Tony Hawk Shred - 3000

Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 SKU Only - 679K - Top individual SKU
Fallout: New Vegas (PC) -- 107K (Retail Only)
Fallout: New Vegas PS3 -- 331K (via math)

Some software numbers:
Saty said:

Tony Hawk Shred : 3,000
DJ Hero 2 : 59,000
MOH: a bit more than 1M
EA MMA: 45,000
NBA 2K11 : 1.15M (doubled it sales from last year).
Chris1964 said:
Wii Party: Notably Less Than 150,000
Kirby's Epic Yarn: ~100,000
NBA Jam: Less Than 50,000
Shaun White Skateboarding: Less Than 6,000


Nintendo DS - 342k (-25.3%)
Xbox 360 - 325k (+30.2%), is now the best selling console year to date, only console that's up year over year
PS3 - 250k (-22.0%)
New! Wii - 232k (-54.3%)
New! PSP - 75k (-57.0%)

PlayStation Move sold less than the Xbox 360 points card again.

Notably Missing: Thus, less than 225K.

-Rock Band 3
-Kirby's Epic Yarn
-NBA Jam
-Super Scribblenauts
-Wii Party

Extra Information:
The industry as a whole saw $1.07 billion in new hardware, software and accessory sales for the month, down from $1.11 billion in October 2009. For the year as a whole, the industry has generated $11.07 billion in new sales, roughly $900 million, or eight percent, behind the pace set by 2009.


A severe 26 percent drop in year-over-year revenue from new hardware sales drove the overall decline in the October report. Sales of home and portable consoles brought in just $280 million in October2010, compared to $381 million for the same month last year.
While NPD no longer breaks down hardware sales for specific systems, the group did reveal that the Nintendo DS was the month's best selling system.

NPD confirmed that this number makes the Xbox 360 the best-selling home system so far in 2010, while the Nintendo DS remains the best-selling system for the year overall.


Sales of new, boxed software were up six percent year-over-year in October, representing $605 million in revenue in 2010. The increase wasn't enough to help 2010 software sales on an annual basis, however, which currently sit at $5.54 billion and still trail those at the same point in 2009 by seven percent.

Sales of online-enabled games seem to be driving the industry for the month. "Interestingly, unit sales of online playable console games were up 16 percent while sales of those that are not online playable were down 2 percent versus last October," NPD analyst Anita Frazier noted.
Road said:
"For October, the 360 console was responsible for six of the top 10 console game titles, including the top four titles overall, "a feat never-before accomplished by a current-generation console," Microsoft boasted."
miladesn said:

We can find PSP numbers from this,
Oct 2009 PSP+DS -> -34% -> - DS# OCt 2010 = PSP # 2010

Oct 2009
# NDS - 457,600
# PSP - 174,600


Oct 2010 handheld sales

DS= 342k


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Dec 19, 2008
QLD, Australia
Certainly wasn't expecting NBA to come out on top. 6 platforms though I guess.

Also Majornelson said 360 was at 325k. (edit: beaten..)
He also said it was the top selling console so far this year. Which means the Wii probably sold less (or 9k more at most).
Jan 2, 2007
NBA2k11? Jordan and canceled Live/Elite = complete market domination it seems. Wonder how Jam did in comparison.

360 sales seem decent, if they are number one again it may have been a rough month for Wii yoy.
Aug 15, 2007
szaromir said:
Wow, Reach has surprisingly weak legs. edit: nvm, I thought it;s out of top 10 altogether, Pretty decent then. Jackson doing wonders for NBA2k11
Yup. Adding Michael Jackson was a fantastic idea...