NPD Sales Results for September 2013 [Up2: Console positioning, 360 estimate]

May 24, 2012
So wait, where did the 8k for 101 come from? Sounds like it did a little better than that. Not that it didn't do bad of course.
So assuming 65K for Rayman Legends:

If TW101 > PS3 + 360 combined:

Wii U = 36K
PS3 + 360 = 24K (estimate)
Vita = 5K (estimate)

TW101 > 24K

If TW101 > PS3 or 360:

Wii U = 36K
PS3 / 360 = 12K each (estimate)
Vita = 5K (estimate)

TW101 > 12K

I guess it all depends on whether Creamsugar meant TW101 > PS3 + 360 or if he meant TW101 > PS3 / 360
Jan 2, 2007
GTA 5's debut numbers should put it comfortably above Skyrim and all but the last 3 CoD titles if I'm not mistaken.

Isn't that better than DDD?

Now SE has no reason to ever put KH on a handheld ever again sans mobile.
I think this is the only sane way to interpret the data. It's astounding it's taken this long for KH to come back to consoles. Even moreso when you consider it's because of the struggles of completing FF XIV & XV.

It's not like Microsoft and Sony haven't tried to build that userbase though (maybe the Xbox audience is waiting for next-gen Blinx and held off on Rayman in anticipation...)
Limbo sold about 400k WW its first month on XBLA, and it has maybe 1/10th of the content. Journey set records fairly recently PSN. The crowd is there, just not at $60. Origins eventually crawled to a million once it was discounted, this will probably do the same.