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NSFW Nude Dancers mod released for both Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2


Mar 4, 2019
Modder ‘ExxonValdez’ has released a Nude Dancers mod for both Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. As its title suggests, this mod basically adds a nude reskin of the dancers in both games. Going into more details, this mod for Mass Effect 2 will affect the dancers at Afterlife and the one on Illium. Also included is a separate, optional file. This file will update the giant animated screens in Afterlife (and the UI thumbnail) to feature nude dancers.

On the other hand, the Mass Effect 2 mod adds an original reskin of the Chora’s Den dancers featuring a fully nude version (with collar and pumps required by the model) and a version with thigh-high boots and gloves. New textures have more fidelity than the vanilla “nude” textures, and dancers are more toned because pole dancing is hard work. Do note that for Mass Effect 2, this nude mod also affects Kelly in her cabin visit. So yeah, this may be something that some may find interesting, especially if they romanced Kelly.

The modder also plans to release a similar mod for Mass Effect 3 in the future. Since these are NSFW mods, we suggest visiting the NexusMods sections for Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. All you have to do in order to find these mods is log-in, enable Adult Content, and search for “Nude Dancers”.


Oct 1, 2018
Too bad they weren't in there from the start. I mean it is a M rated game after all. It's like an R rated film where some fan has to go in after the fact and digitally remove pasties from the strippers nips because you can have a R movie and show 95% of the boob but you better not show that 5% nip.

Then again Bioware has absolutely terrible ideas on nudity and sex. Even the sex scenes are the most horribly animated and abysmally created sex scenes I've ever seen. Like they were so embarrassed to do that the animator created it while shamefully peeking through his fingers while he hurriedly did it to get it over with.

I finally got around to finishing the order 1886 last week and I saw dong in it more than once and no one cared because it was just there and a part of it, and some boobs also in one part, no big deal. It's only a big deal when the dev's make it one. I'd imagine some dancers in a night club with their space boobs out wouldn't have been a big deal either if they just did it like it was normal. And if anyone did complain then they shouldn't be playing M rated games.