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News NVIDIA’s cloud service, GeForce Now, has over 1 million registered players, 1500 games coming soon


Mar 4, 2019
NVIDIA has announced that its gaming cloud service is a huge success so far. According to the green team, over 1 million new gamers have signed up for a free plan or upgraded to the Founders membership.

Premium members can play all the RTX games even if they don’t own an RTX GPU. Moreover, the Premium subscription comes with a 90-day free trial. As NVIDIA noted, this trial is an important transitional period where gamers, developers, and publishers can try the premium experience with minimal commitment.

NVIDIA has also stated that it has an additional 1,500 games in our onboarding queue. This list includes both indie and triple-A games, like Cyberpunk 2077.

So yeah, contrary to Google Stadia, GeForce Now appears to perform well. That could change once Google releases some exclusive games on Stadia, though things are not looking great for Stadia.

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DJ Shalad

Dec 10, 2018
I don´t fany making a new thread, here my two cents why this will fail miserably. Every cloud service that is, even Netflix might be doomed eventually ... should 8K streaming be a thing and more subscribers need to be "fed".

Maybe this will interest some of you, with more knowledge. Just imagine all PS4 users were already playing, streaming their games from the cloud. That´s 100,000,000+ streaming data from around the globe. Phil Spencerino want´s to reach the 1 billion out there with da cloud, ... i don´t see how though without offloading the costs to the user resp. isp.

The providers are not going to tackle the extra bandwith, it´s not free. So 100mill. users streaming data, that´s easily a few billions terabytes per month or more if there are more than 100,000,000 users connected, playingstreaming concurrently.

2K Game, local MP gaming (not cloud gaming), PS4

Netflix 2018 - 24fps - 2Gb (2k) to 7Gb (4k) per hour

If we use this and assume that netflix has the same amount of PS4 users. The bandwith usage should be around 4gb on avg. per movie, per hour.

30 days = 720 hours * 4Gb = close to 3TB for that one movie, per user.
100,000,000 PS4 users streaming data-games-videos = 100mill. * 3TB = 2.88e11 or 288,000,000,000 TB (worst case scenario), for ONE GAME, played by every PS4 users during that same month.

Of course some might be playing other games, lighter on the data ... but more or less that´s what cloud service will have to tackle, a perma consumption of 288,000,000,000 TB of cloud gaming from one cloud service (PS4, Sony in this case example).

5TB at Azure costs $450 ea/m. No matter how much x265, av1 can compress the data outcoming/incoming ... the sheer number of potential users will make this a deadly new play-minefield, only those capable of hosting 1!! game for 30 days to 100,000,000 users.

Following costs are not included :

- hardware
- software
- human beans tackling the issues, problems occurring
- rent
- electricity
- insurance

For example, in 2017, organizations were losing an average $100,000 for every hour of downtime on their site.
Then we have the CO2-Emissions
A study lead by the French think tank The Shift Project discovered that 1% of all global carbon emissions, or 300 million annual tons of CO2, can be attributed solely to online video streaming. This is the carbon equivalent to Spain’s total annual emissions – the 12th biggest polluter in the world. ....that amount may double in the next six years, according to the Shift Project.

Half-hour of Netflix leads to emissions of 1.6kg of CO2 equivalent: Climate experts

only if the subscribers are well below the few millions or if magically a new video codec can compress the signal, stream from 100% to 20%? without any perceptional loss.

Mathematically speaking
100% guaranteed to fail