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NVIDIA Reportedly Planning GeForce RTX 3080 SUPER & GeForce RTX 3070 SUPER Graphics Cards


Am I best just sticking with my RX 5700 xt instead of the 3080 considering 10gb vram won't be enough for 4k 60 in future
It wholly depends on your expectations, as I'd say a 3080 isn't a 4K card even now. Tbh we just don't have 4K capable GPUs because it's too demanding. It will take many years until hardware can catch up to the demands of 4K even discounting situations where you go for more optimal settings rather than just maxing every slider, or not taking into account ray tracing (in which case even a 3090 is a 1080p card at best). And that's to say nothing of how the graphics floor will rise as devs switch to next-gen exclusively, and therefore the ceiling will have to be higher on PC which in turn just means the need for a beefier GPU.



Now that I've been using 3080 about a month I would happily welcome even faster cards. 4K is still such a beast to run even with these new cards that more memory doesn't really solve anything nor is it even an issue. Hopefully nvidia can pull some serious performance from the new cards and top the 3090 with the TI model. And even that wont be enough.
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