NX Controller Rumor [Up5: Original was fake, and thus this is too]

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Oct 9, 2005
So that entire surface is a screen? Seems pointless. Your hands will cover up the corners. Could put face buttons there instead. I don't get it. Why is screen space you can't really use, a priority over useful functionality? Hope that changes.


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Mar 10, 2005
But seriously there is really NO reason they go with that shape anyway.. There is not one logical reason they would do that. It's just so much better with something less oval. It's better for confort, better for screen format, and smaller, as in beter fitted for a pocket or anything really.

i mean, that would make 1000% more sense

Jul 26, 2006
The form is weird, but it does look quite nice. However, no buttons just seems awful. It would be bad on a handheld, but on a controller even more so. You don't see the buttons when looking at the TV and I don't trust haptic touch to make up for the lack of physical buttons. I don't get why this huge screen is needed on a controller either. Why have it when it's just the secondary screen anyway? A handheld like this could be nice, but controller? I just dont know.

Nintendo, why don't you unveal this thing already. The rumors, the supposed leaks - these things aren't doing you any favors.
What I don't get is, given the amount of people currently loving their smartphones, clearly there is a desire for touchscreen interfaces. So why so many declaring it'll fail?

I say this will hit with mainstream America a la Wii era and Sony and Microsoft will again be left playing catch up.
It is certainly an interesting handheld design.
We should have seen this coming, we knew the handheld version was going to be a Wii U but portable. So pretty much it matches minus D-Pad and A/B/X/Y buttons.
Jul 2, 2007
Listen to what your customers want!!!
IF NX has a controller like this... I am OUT!
Consumer only want, what they already have. If you like Old-School controllers there are already two companies, which sell them. What does it help Nintendo, if they try to become the third wheel again?
If the touch-only technology is improved enough over the current state of mobile gaming to where you can actually do "real" gaming on it, why wouldn't people be OK with it?
What do you mean by "real" gaming? Phones can easily run NES through GameCube quality games, and those are definitely real. The main complaint about mobile has always been the lack of tactile input and the fact your thumbs are over the screen, at least from my experience.


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Jul 14, 2009
Incredibly unfortunate. Unless it has Pro controller support or something this will be the first Nintendo console I don't buy since the NES. No buttons is a genuine dealbreaker for me.
Apr 12, 2014
If there are no buttons they are fucked. Only hardcore fans bought wii u....... Alienating that fan base for the smartphone crowd lol

Horrendous. Looking forward to F zero nx, an endless runner with tilt controls


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Apr 27, 2015
I'm still heavily on Team Fake here... Nintendo is one of the last bastions of traditional gaming and for them to go so far away from it especially after Iwata made a strong point to mention the NX in the first place to show while they are going to be producing mobile software they will still be making traditional game consoles.

This is too similar to the cheaply made patent mock ups and the whole "confidential" sticker just screams fake to me. Whoever made this did a great job but let's be real here. Similar to Project Cafe leaks we will never actually see what the NX is until E3. Let's just be patient, it's just in a little over 2 months.
Apr 23, 2013
Except that Wii Remote was actually a new idea to most people. The supposed NX controller is just a circular phone with joysticks in the middle of it. Everyone has already done mobile gaming, and this controller is not enough to make people feel like it's something brand new they just have to try.
If there are indeed no physical buttons on the controller, I do not see this console gaining any mass appeal. It will likely be another gimmick that Nintendo is going to have a tough time conveying to the general public, just like with the Wii U. With the Wii at least it was simple, intuitive, and if you show it to somebody, they got it immediately.

EDIT: Also, fighting games are going to be fucking impossible with this thing.
Guess what everyone this console isn't for you. Its for those that have grown up with tablet gaming.


Generation Z

i.e. GTFO Gen X and Y this isn't your console.
Apr 13, 2012
I actually think this is an important point. If Nintendo is trying to push the technology forward to the point where virtual buttons offer a similar level of responsiveness and feedback to physical buttons, isn't that just a good thing for the whole industry?
This will get drowned out, but I have faith that if this is indeed a leap forward in touch screen haptic technology, then this will be a lot more popular than this thread suggests. We are literally getting just pictures of it right now, so we have no idea what the concept is. If you showed me a wii remote back in 2005 with no context, I would have freaked out. The motion controls weren't obvious from the getgo.
Mar 1, 2006
Ok, 2 serious reactions :
  1. Is this a HDMI cable that we can see above the controller ? Can you plug the cable in the controller and play on your tv ?
  2. If this thing is 15cm large, wouldn't the right thumb be just exactly where you want to find the "touch" buttons ? How can this configuration work ?

Sep 28, 2013
I haven't read any of the posts in this thread, because there's too much to go. All I have to say is that I don't think this is "THE NX controller." If the NX is really a hybrid system, then this is likely the handheld system (3DS successor) that can also serve as a "Wii U gamepad" for the NX. I think it's safe to assume that the NX will also have traditional controllers.
I was just thinking this exact thought.


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Nov 29, 2006
Form factor being the shape? Yeah, it's possible. The Wii U gamepad changed it's ergonomics. The DS changed from E3 to the release version

Like I said, physical face buttons are the biggest unknown. The other stuff has been shown to change
You're just strengthening my point. The DS form factor was solid, they just refined it, but not revolutionary. This NX controller form factor is trash, the all over screen is ill conceived and we have now multiple sources saying no face buttons. The odds of them releasing something drastically different in all aspects from this is super slim.

Maybe they'll add in some palm grips which will make holding it not suck completely or contour the back to be less clunky. But adding buttons to the face is super slim and likely changing the overall screen shape and size is even less feasible.
Feb 19, 2013
The entire point of a dedicated mobile gaming system is so that you can provide an experience that can't be found on tablets and phones - ie, the availability of actual buttons.

I like everything else about this, but the lack of physical buttons changes everything.
Can you explain why physical buttons are superior to a well implemented haptic digital button? The reason physical buttons are different from normal digital buttons is that they provide a tactile response. But by using haptic technology, it's theoretically possible to create a comparable tactile response with a digital button. Obviously this depends on how mature the technology is, but we have no way to judge that based on a picture
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