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NX Controller Rumor [Up5: Original was fake, and thus this is too]

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lol I just saw my Microsoft paint edit on the controller posted on Twitter :p



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I want to see ALL of the grass tho. How dare Nintendo cover up part of the screen to prevent me from enjoying the scenery. Smh.

There's this thing called a TV that you will be playing the games on.
It doesn't aesthetically look horrible, but it's also not immediately clear to me what the advantage of this is. Here's my thinking:

- An oval screen has less screen real estate than an equivalently long/wide rectangle screen
- With the analogue sticks inside the screen, any grip angle will cover a portion of the screen "outside" the sticks
- Ergo, developers will not use the outside of the screen, so the effective screen real estate is more like the area inside of the sticks.

Given this, I'd rather a rectangular screen with the sticks outside the screen on a bezel, which also has the side-effect of allowing buttons.

- Touch screen controls are OK
- But they've been OK on my phone for the last 8 years so it's not clear to me why I wouldn't just use my phone. It's clear to me why Nintendo wouldn't want people to just use their phones, but it's not clear to me why I wouldn't just want to use my phone.
- Also if touch screen controls are OK, I'm not sure why I'd care much about the analogue sticks. It seems to me that I'd rather buttons and no sticks than sticks and no buttons.
Well as usual you've summed it up quite nicely.

My main concern outside of what you've listed is that this shape seems a little too angular. I don't want to play on a controller that I can't hold naturally, and this really looks like it'd dig into my palms.


How can this be real? Look at the size of that ear bud, now how the fuck did a grown up pair of hands hold it? Thumb on top and two fingers underneath? And how do you hit the mouse wheels? Or the no buttons go that matter. What is it 5 inches across? No way it can be real, even Nintendo can't be that fecking stupid!

It'll get bigger like the Gamepad did.


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So does this thing even connect to a tv?

SNES emulators etc... are going to be pure shite on this thing.


I am absolutely not assuming backwards compatability, and I think it's very likely it won't be backwards compatible at all, since there's a good chance they'll be going with a completely different OS architecture to the Wii U

Fair enough, but what about the original image that shows game play on the screen? I know you mentioned you didnt think the controller would show gameplay. Also - the patent that is nearly a 1:1 of this picture shows gameplay being shown.

Also - if it isnt backwards compatible.. damn. That would really hurt IMO. It would be the first console that nintendo has made since the NES that didnt have some sort of cross-compatibility or backwards-compatibility.


My guess as to Nintendo's strategy:

Go after mobile game kids with something that looks and feels like an upgrade to what they are already used to. It will be the best way to play enhanced versions of Nintendo's mobile games. Even kids who prefer mobile games complain about virtual analog sticks. Haptic buttons are fine for mobile gaming, some sort of pro controller can offer dpad and buttons for old people.

This device can play many games on its own, but you can also buy a base unit with more power and a disc drive that uses this thing as a controller and lets you play PS4/Xbox One ports.

Wii U games can be ported to this but the gamepad image will be much smaller, hopefully they've figured out a precise enough stylus that you can still make Mario Maker levels on it, but if not they could modify that game to use analog sticks and it would still be decent, the real pro level makers would keep their Wii U.

Expect ports of Smash, Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, probably displayed with the corners slightly cut off.

Nintendoland will never be ported off the Wii U.


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So it's like a big Vita with no buttons, based on the Wii U controller being next to it.
I'll hold judgment to I've use it but it doesn't look comfortable.


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Helznicht said:
The boomerang is lookin pretty damn good right about now
Poor guy

I think that looks sexy. And I also think that we can put something with button as an add-on
I could deal with no physical buttons; I could deal with the terrible form factor; I could deal with the horrible-looking substitute for the analogue sticks.

But all of them at the same time? No way.
Endless, did u make that image yourself? I feel baaadddd for this person if he/she gets done in like this. Such an amateur mistake too lol
Sooooo, what would the handheld look like? Or is this the handheld?

I personally don't mind the lack of buttons, I think intuitive controls should have as little buttons as humanly possible.

But why is the whole controller a screen though? I don't want to look at my hands when I play on my tv...


Doesn't look like something I would let my kids play with, maybe the pictures are deceptive (if real) but that looks like it could be pretty fragile and I could see younger children breaking it or cracking that screen pretty easily


That this is infact not the handheld but the controller for a console makes this EVEN MORE insane.

Double down on gamepad, now in a weird oval form without buttons. Just fire the entire hardware department into the sun. How fucking clueless could they get?

Christ fuck. Going to be great seeing people walk back from "Mobile gaming is trash due to no buttons/capacative is shit" to "Nintendo bringing fun out of the box innovation!!!!" like clockwork.

As Benny would say, don't forget to make a list of all the people who said both! Seems like a hard task tbh.


Nintendo is strangely leaky. Or this is a pretty good fake. When they formally unveil all they've got there will be bedlam.
That controller looks flimsy and awkward to hold imo.
Looks like what I would expect out of a Vita2...

I never would have imagined that Nintendo would basically take a Vita and make it the next controller for their console.

I can't believe that Nintendo made a new controller even more expensive to produce than the WiiU's controller... like wow...

Share your source with the rest of the class?


...they didn't

my point is no third parties have ever wanted to waste resources to port their games to nintendo's weird gimmicky hardware, even if they're not "forced" to take advantage of it. like always, nintendo seems to once again say "fuck third parties, we're doing our own thing."

knowing nintendo, the NX will also be lacking in power since the controller is expensive af and they'll want to keep costs down. an underpowered console is even more incentive for third parties not to even bother.

in this day and age, nintendo first party titles alone can not hold a console afloat. you NEED those big third party games on your platform to sell boxes.

somehow, after the wii u, they still haven't learned. it's baffling.
Why is there and HDMI port coming out of the top though?

Is this thing the actual console itself? The leaker said its the controller for the console, but is the controller and the console itself one in the same?


The design is slick, but I don't want touch input and my fingers in the middle of the screen. The part of the screen where the thumbsticks are is useless.



Would it kill them to just make a normal console on par or more powerful than a Ps4 and call it the Nintendo Entertainment System?

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, this is Nintendo after all, but I am heavily skeptical right now of anything that relies on touch screen BS as this seems to. We'll see!
After using iPad for *heavy* gaming in the last 3 years I have ZERO problem with touch screen buttons...





The ovalness of this shit NEEDS TO GO!!!

It's a dev kit and probably has a detachable grip so nintendo can test different handles without having to manufacture a different device every time.....


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At the very least, at least we won't have to sacrifice the touch-based functions of Splatoon. And as long as the scrolling bumpers can be clicked down & don't accidentally scroll when you don't want them to, this could be a decent Splatoon controller.


Let's set all business reasons why this could be a catastrophe (production will not be cheap) aside:

- I'm OK with the shape
- I'm OK with the big screen
- I'm OK with the sticks and the mouse wheels
- I'm not OK with no buttons unless this is some kind of Harry Potter magic and they feel like real buttons (which again, business nightmare)

Just reveal it already Nintendo, you're losing control over the message AND TOU HAVEN'T EVEN REVEALED IT YET HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE
What about the original image that shows game play on the screen? Also - the patent that is nearly a 1:1 of this picture shows gameplay being shown.

Also - if it isnt backwards compatible.. damn. That would really hurt IMO. It would be the first console that nintendo has made since the NES that didnt have some sort of cross-compatibility or backwards-compatibility.
I mean, that's just a patent, so it might be intentional misdirection on how they might use it (Ie, hide the actual purpose they wanted this for), or it might just be a completely irrelevant and easier to understand way of showing the idea. Remember, the patent was for a freeform display. No reason to add info relevant haptic stuff to the freeform display patent


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Lmao it's really happening.

No matter how many times they say they'll change and understand consumer expectations, they still refuse to get it.

Unless this controller has some tactile touch screen technology that far surpasses what we've seen demonstrated thus far, it's looking pretty squarely like a recycle bin classic.
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