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Analysis [NX Gamer] Dirt 5 | The Next Gen 2.0 Patch Technical Analysis - PS5 | SX | SS


Mar 21, 2014
So i cant enjoy my SeriesX because there are no ExClUsIveS?

Sry but two of this three exclusives are ps4 games and nothing to write home about...

There are plenty of reasons to own a xbox.
Fuck off with that hur dur get a pc...
A competent pc would cost twice as much as a Xbox. God damn with this garbage mentality.

Man this forum gets worse and worse with this console warrior shit and dont get me started on some clowns here spreading their armchair software and hardware knowledge...

You must have read about 1 sentence from what I've said. You were the one talkin shit actin like there's no games on PS5 when they aint shit on X either.
  • LOL
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