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Obama: PS4 will sell out after Thanksgiving, health insuranse is not.


He name dropped the Xbox awhile ago and now the PS4. The president knows his gaming systems or his speech writers are dropping in little things like this to make him seem cool. Either way I hope they keep coming. I can see an Ouya reference after some tragic event.
Corporate shill Obama just doing what he does best. Helping sell foreign products and ignoring the death of a home grown American brand like Xbox.


The King has blessedT the PS4SUS ChrisT

Did he lie?

Damn. Obama's changed sides! I guess he couldn't handle the 720p news either.

Obama 10 days ago:

Think about it this way: The American people do not get to demand a ransom for doing their jobs. You don't get a chance to call your bank and say I'm not going to pay my mortgage this month unless you throw in a new car and an Xbox.


Dear Nelson,

I have the fastest internet connection in America, I live in the white house and I will still not get the Xbox One.



Somewhat more seriously this COULD be an indication of which is winning mindshare outside of the gaming sphere, albeit not the best litmus test.


I know this is being taken as a bit of a joke, but -- without overselling it, doesn't it actually say something about a shift in where the mindset is?

Can anyone at all see this happening two or three years ago, instead of him saying "xbox"? :p


I love it; Getting plugged by the President is money well spent!

I doubt money changed hands to be honest, he seems to actually play video games so he likely knows what he is talking about.
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