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Oblivion Is Still Excellent 15 Years Later


Played it a few weeks ago after not touching it in ages. It was ok for like an hour or so. Cleared out a handful of dungeons then I got to Cheydinhal and couldn't take it anymore looking at those horrible NPCs. I still really liked the music but that's pretty much the only good thing I can say about it.
It's not a good game mechanically, graphically, or narratively...
modded oblivion is beautiful...
I liked it better than Skyrim except I felt the Oblivion gates could have varied a bit more. It would be nice to see an RT upgrade for this like they did with Quake 2. I bet RT would really make a huge difference in graphics.


It amuses me to no end that I got reminded that Oblivion turned 15 years old by all kinds of gaming media, and Xbox itself on social media today...

Yet years ago, when Lost Odyssey turned 10 years old in Japan, and in North America; Xbox never even mentioned it at all.
I liked the game a lot when it came out but thought it was a disappointing follow up to Morrowind.

Tried replaying it a couple years ago and it's still pretty good I just couldn't stick with it. The main quest line is pretty meh and the oblivion gates straight up suck asshole juice. Is there a mod that removes oblivion gates or lets you skip to the end? That's the mod that will get me to play the game again


Never played it. I only started Morrowind days ago on SX. Now I'm playing Skyrim in 60fps. I honestly didn't expect to enjoy it, but I'm super hooked and already cleared a few random places before starting main quests! As I always do with RPG open world games 😁
Confession time! Oblivion and Skyrim are both among my all time favorite RPGs, high up on my top 10 list. I’ve played them for many hundred hours each.

But I’ve never finished them...

I guess I should be ashamed but there is just so much side content and they’re so open for role playing that I find it almost impossible to not get lost with other stuff and forget all about the main quests.

Amazing games!
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I actually tried it again recently after over a decade. Unlike Skyrim which still plays and even looks ok, Oblivion has really, REALLY not aged well.


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Content-wise it was magnificent
If only the technical/AI side were as good as they initially promised.
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It was janky back then, so I can only imagine how janky it would feel today.
Still, I must have easily over 500 hours in this game, just like Morrowind and Skyrim.


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I have extremely tinted glasses for this game on the 360 as It was my first foray into a game of that type.

I absolutely loved just walking the country and traveling to each city completely by foot never using fast travel excited to see what style it would be built in and learning the layout to each area. Everybody complained about the oblivion gates so to this day, even though my game save says I have over 500 hours in the world, I still have the amulet that captain Picard gave me in the sewer. I walked to every town, went in every cave and castle I came across, did all the side quests in every city and had an absolute blast.

maybe I should download this on my series S and actually complete the story this time...

EDIT: I probably should have watched that video first. He did a fantastic job of saying it much better why I like the game. I did all that stuff he mentioned like following NPCs, exploring every city, making my own home in a city (mine was one with a satanic tomb with a secret door that had a skeleton on a sacrificial stone sllab). It was just magical back in 2006 to me.
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So I have two copies of Skyrim.
Skyrim Special Edition (GamePass)
Skyrim (Steam)

Which version should I play?


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The crappy leveling system ruined my enjoyment of this game. Thankfully the PC version has mods that fix it.

I did have tons of fun casting the “touch of rage” spell on random townspeople and watching the big melee ensue.


One of my favorite game
I won't forget the view, on the beginning when I came out of the cave looking at the huge and beautiful world. especially since it's the first game on Xbox 360 and I was coming from the PS2 era
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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
I’m all for open world games but the frenzy around elder scrolls games needs to stop.


I enjoyed it and thought it was good, but it was still somewhat of a disappointment for me given that Morrowind is my favorite game ever and had much more depth. Oblivion would probably be one of my favorite games ever if Morrowind never existed.


I remember this games Dark Brotherhood story-line, the high point for me that they never quite matched again. Did some writers leave after that game or...? I also found the combat to be better in this game, it felt dumbed down in Skyrim. I remember being in my first house (in Skyrim) spending several hours (if you total it) trying to organise several chests of items that no one would buy for some reason and I thought, I'm just not having fun, never went back! I think Dark Souls killed the franchise for me though, if I'm completely honest about it.

Saying that, I'm cautiously hopeful for the next ES (maybe cos I'm a shmuck and never learn), but much more so for Starfield as I'm a sci-fi nut!
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