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Obscure games boxart


Well I recently joined tumblr and I found this page which post obscure games screens,gifs, and boxart. I was really into seeing old school boxart, the good, bad and the ugly. This made me think of the old days when I use to determine a game quality by the boxart.
Take a look:

Metal Max 2 (Crea-Tech/Data East - SNES - 1993)
Go Go Ackman 3 (Banpresto - SNES - 1995)

Cosmic Avenger (1982) on Colecovision by Universal.
Burning Force (Namco - Genesis - 1990)

The Super Spy (SNK - Neo Geo - 1990)
(The Dreamers Guild - 1994)

edit link: http://obscurevideogames.tumblr.com/


Oh please god someone post the GBA box art for some racing game where it's a ugly Puc of a CG face. (heard the game wasn't half bad though) it was in the rest of the crap section in old school egm.
Which is the one that gets posted in best boxarts thread of this huge black ship like really complicated structure with the game title in huge yellow letters? It's an old PC game.


The Awesome and Shadowrun covers are great but I don't think they are obscure at all.

Two classics known by all gamers.


That "The Dreamers Guild" one reminds me an awful lot of Inherit the Earth for the PC... same game, I take it?

I don't know the game but the box art is in german and literally says "Inheritants of the Earth - The great Search" so I guess it's the same.


I was looking at the box today for this game and it is weird because the printing seems kind of grainy. I wonder why. You can't really tell from this jpg though.




Curse for the Megadrive. Horrible obscure shooter that has very nice boxart.[/QUOTE]

I actually was going post that. It was a Shump correct?
[URL="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5wkkh4R1A1rz6maoo2_500.jpg"]Back of the box[/URL]

Anyways you'll find more here:

another one:
NHK Okāsan to Issho: Niko Niko Pun |PC Engine | NHK / KSS | 1991
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