October Wrasslin' |OT| I'm seein' double here...


GWF 9: The Mega Huggers Explode!
Date: Thursday, October 12th, 2017
Time: 7:00PM Eastern/6:00PM Central/12:00AM London
Where: Live from the Z-Pak Zone on www.twitch.tv/sephzilla - Replay will be available on YouTube

Pre-Show Match
giancarlo123x vs sf2fanatic

The #1 contender for the GWF World Championship called out giancarlo123x for a tune up match. The front office might be questioning things going forward if sf2fanatic loses this match.

Fatal Four Way
NeoGAF Vince McMahon Sunnybuns vs BronsonLee vs imBask vs klonere

Sunny Mac is back! After making his dramatic return from the Punkverse, NeoGAF Vince McMahon Sunnybuns is setting foot in a GWF ring for the first time since GWF1. Standing in his way are WrassleGAF staples imBask, klonere, and BronsonLee.

Triple Threat Match
OwensIsNow vs Mahonay vs Excelsiorlef

Three GWF superstars are going to have the opportunity to grab the brass ring and receive their first win in GWF competition!

Singles Match
Recall vs Heroman

GWF's unofficial hoss champion squares off against one half of the New Japan Express as Heroman looks to make a singles career push.

Singles Match
Ithil vs SomewhatGroovy

One of the last undefeated wrestlers in GWF, SomewhatGroovy, takes on Ithil, a man who has a pretty impressive win/loss record in GWF himself. This match could have a ripple effect in the title picture in the future given the winning percentage among the participants.

Hardcore Match
Biggest-Geek-Ever vs Zach

To the shock of everyone, Zach had lust in his eyes when he tried to take the glory for himself at GWF8 by breaking up his own partner's pin attempt. The end result was that the Huggers of Destruction imploded upon losing the GWF Tag Team Championships, and now are gunning for each other. The rulebook is being thrown out the window for this hardcore match.

GWF World Championship Singles Match
BewareTheBatsie vs Professor Beef [C]

At GWF7, Professor Beef shocked the world and took the GWF Championship off of the previously undefeated Beefy. Following his win, Professor Beef offered a championship opportunity to one of GWF's greatest merchandise sellers - BewareTheBatsie. Will #SnitchLyfe triumph again or will the champ GIVE UP in his first title defense?

BONUS NOTE: The winner of BewareTheBatsie vs Professor Beef will defend the GWF Championship against sf2fanatic at GWF 10