October Wrasslin' |OT| I'm seein' double here...

so assume my friend wants to buy a bullet club shirt for wear indoors only, far far away from the judging eyes of normal people everywhere

which shirt would funnel the least amount of money to a racist

for my friend
An Omega or Marty Scurll shirt as both wrestlers seem to be on the good guys list.

Man the Spanish police beating on people has me pissed
Spain in general looks really bad, like they are just one step to return to franquismo.
Been gone for a day or so, did we chat about:

1) WCPW hiring Bad News Barrett as GW
2) WCPW rebranding to "Defiant Wrestling"
3) 5* still pretending like they're going to run weekly arena shows

Has Progress done anything overtly carny or scummy? I feel like they are one of the few touring brands that resist the urge to be blatant dick bags trying to con and rip people off.