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Of Gods and Men [Mafia] | Ambrosia In Front Of Me


Noone knew where they came from. What they wanted. Or when they wanted to leave. But everyone knew they were there, right in the middle of the Town. Just standing. Staring. Breathing. Occasionally performing an expressionless nod to passing townsfolk. It was as if they were waiting for something to happen, something earth-shattering, something they deemed worthy to leave their stoic stasis for. Nobody knew what it could be. Nobody dared to ask. How would they? What was standing in the middle of their peaceful town wasn't just two humans. It was a man without age, his skin perfect and pure like a child, his hair strong and black like a young hero, his body stooped and tired like an old man, his eyes deep and piercing like they had witnessed aeons pass. And it was a spider, several feet tall, its soft black hair elaborately braided into incomprehensible shapes, seemingly changing their appearance whenever gazed upon, telling a million stories yet none at all, holding the wisdom of universes yet not disclosing any. How would anyone dare to approach them?

Two days and two nights they stood there at the center of the Mephyklai's main plaza, people gathering around them like they were a campfire in a cold and moonless light, unable to fully grasp its seemingly ever changing form, and like a bonfire everyone came just close enough to surmise the aura of mystery surrounding them, but feared getting burned by it if they got too close. Then, at dawn of the third day, they just vanished, leaving the townsfolk behind, some with relief, some with disappointment, some with anger, but none unaffected.

Around noon, as they slowly started to accept that there was no danger anymore, that they would never learn the visitors' mysteries, that they plainly have been left without answers, as they already were back in their daily routine, buying food, discussing politics, praying to their gods, a cry of fear, excitement and surprise suddenly echoed through the town. One of the townsmen had spotted the strange man and the even stranger spider on top of the townhall, standing on its red rooftop, their silhouettes barely guessable against the glaring sunlight, casting short but hard shadows on the main plaza. They looked somehow different. Noone could exactly tell why, but everyone knew they were about to make an important announcement. Eagerly awaiting the message that by now so familiar, yet so unfathomed strangers were about to deliver the town gathered beneath them.

"People of Mephyklai, hear my words! Hear the words I, Royos, prophet of the infinite, and Yena, bearer of all truths that are, will be or ever have been, speak to you!", the man shouted. No, he didn't shout. His mouth moved with the words, but it was like a disembodied entity whispered right into everyone's ears, almost unbearably loud and intimately quiet at the same time.
"People of Mephyklai, the Gods have chosen you! Komena, God of the Hunt, the Crop and the Natural Balance and Peripseros, God of the Decay, the Despair and the All-Swallowing Sea have chosen you, their loyal followers, to show your devotion to them by participating in a game of life and death!"
The townsfolk just stood there, barely comprehending what they just were told. What was this man talking about? Why would the Gods choose them? Why not someone else? Why would they even do such a thing? What was the part with life and death about? And how did this all even make sense, considering...
"There are no Followers of Peripseros in our Town!", a man suddenly shouted from amidst the crowd, "We outlawed his worship decades ago. All his minions have either been converted or banned!"
"He is right!", "There are no Followers of Peripseros!", "This all has to be a big mistake!", "These ... creatures ... up there were either confused or lying!" and many more expressions of relief got mixed together to an indistinguishable mumble of relief. And then it stopped abruptly as everyone watched in shock how the spider opened her mouth and began to speak: "Most of you think this is true, but few know better. Those few secretly still worship Peripseros. We want you to identify and kill them."
This was too much. This could not be reality! This had to be some cruel joke! Komena, of all gods would never agree to this! Or would she? Who could the traitors to Komena, the forbidden worshipers of Peripseros be? Some men and women started eyeing warily to their neighbor, some just stood there in apathy and some started crying. One woman just collapsed, her head violently crushing against the rough pavement, her skull emitting a horrible cracking noise, her now dead body still wildly shaking. But instead of calming down, instead of loosing all tension, her body stiffened up and her lips started to move, just trembling at first but soon making distinguishable motions and finally speaking in a voice that was clearly recognizable as hers, yet different in a cold, unnatural way forming the following words:


The others always look down on you for not having some shiny special ability. But you have the power! You can vote! Did you ever think about how awesome that is? The simple people (like you) can influence what happens on the great scale! How can they still laugh at you? You kind of invented Democracy after all, right?

You are an Ordinary Villager.

You are aligned with the Followers of Komena (That's Town).

You win when all Followers of Peripseros are dead.

The game thread is here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1201486

If you have any questions, please send a PM to YesNOnoNOYes or Royal_Flush.

Please post in the thread or reply to this message a confirmation that you received it.

Have fun!



Dec 13, 2011

1. All site-wide rules are also applicable here. Please do not tarnish this community.
2. Unless your Role PM explicitly allows you to do otherwise, discussion about this game is strictly confined to this thread.
3. Unless your role PM explicitly allows you to do otherwise, do not quote or posts screen-shots of any PMs or posts that were not made in this thread. Obviously this is a grey area, but please try and play sportingly.
4. Within reason, you are allowed to lie about any game material or game-related conversations that could conceivably have appeared outside this thread [such as the content of role PMs or private chats allowed by a role]. If unsure whether a lie is reasonable, please ask the game-runner.
5. Do not refer or discuss to player activity in other forum threads or life in general beyond the game.
6. The player list includes the preferred personal pronoun of each player. Please try to use the correct pronoun.
7. Please be nice to your fellow players. Mafia can be a tense experience, and occasionally aggressive play is useful, but remember this is game and that everyone should have fun.

Activity and Deadlines
8. Treat this game as a commitment. Remember that other players' fun is dependent on your participation; this game only works if you remain reasonably active.
9. If you do not post in this thread at least once per Day Phase period without prior permission, you will be sent a PM requesting you respond immediately (a "prod"). If you do not respond to a prod by the end of the following Night Phase, you will be replaced.
10. If you need an extended period of absence for some other issues in life, please notify the game-runner by PM in advance. Leave of up to one Day and Night Phase (seven days) is possible.
11. If you expect to be unable to post for a period of 7 days, please notify the game-runner by PM so that you can be replaced in good time - we're sad to see you go, but other players need to be able to continue to play.
12. Each Day Phase will last 3 days. Day Phases officially begin when the game-runner notifies players in the game thread, and end exactly 72 hours later (by NeoGAF post time-stamps).
13. Each Night phase will last 2 days. Night Phases officially begin when the game-runner notifies players in the game thread, and end exactly 48 hours later (by NeoGAF post time-stamps).
14. If a Phase ends and the game-runner has not received an action PM from a player with a relevant action, then that Phase will end with that that player making no action.
15. In the event of a day ending with no player having a plurality of the votes, then the game will proceed to the next night phase with nobody lynched ("no-lynch").
16. If a replacement is needed, they may PM the game-runner once to request the Night Phase in which they join is extended by up to 2 days, to allow catch-up time.
17. Game-runners may change the length of Phases at their discretion. However, they will inform players at the start of the equivalent Phase before (i.e., if Day 7 is set to be shortened, players will be no later than the start of Day 6).

Voting, Lynching, and Death
18. For your vote to count, it must be presented in the following format: VOTE: playername, via use of the highlight tag. It must also be in an entirely separate line from any other text.
19. To remove a vote from a player, you must present in the following format: UNVOTE: playername, via use of the highlight tag. It must also be in an entirely separate line from any other text. It is not necessary to unvote before casting new vote for a different player; unvoting is simply to remove a vote without casting a new one.
20. Players may use VOTE: No Lynch to end the Day Phase without a lynch ("No Lynch"). It must also be in an entirely separate line from any other text.
21. Misspelt votes will be accepted within reason; if the game-runner is unsure they will notify you and in the meanwhile discount the vote. Votes in broken tags will not count.
22. Once someone has received a strict majority (>50%) of the available votes, the day ends with the Lynch of that player or a No Lynch (whichever applies). Once this has happened, any further votes or unvotes that Phase will not be counted, and the Night Phase will begin shortly.
23. Some roles take place between the end of the Day Phase and the start of the Night Phase, so game-runners may allow a short period of time for this "Twilight Phase". Unless your role PM explicitly allows you to do otherwise, do not post during the Twilight Phase.
24. Once you are dead, you are dead: you may no longer discuss the game in ANY manner with ANY of the remaining players. Dead players may PM the game-runner one last message for the other players (a "Will"), which the game-runner will post on their behalf in the thread. The sole condition is that it contains NO game-relevant information, e.g. "Thanks guys for an excellent game!" is allowed, "My partner was John!" is not.

The Dead Thread
25. To allow dead players to freely discuss the game with other dead players, a secret thread will be created.
26. On death, a player can either opt to join the replacement list, or receive a link to the Dead Thread. They may not do both. If a player opted to join the replacement list, they may change their mind, but players who have a link to the Dead Thread cannot act as replacements.
27. The Dead Thread will also be made available to non-players, provided they have played in at least one GAF mafia game before in which they did not go inactive. These non-players will also be disbarred from the replacement list.

28. Outside of votes and explicit allowances made by role PMs, the use of the highlight tag is strictly the game-runner's prerogative. Do not use it.
29. Do not edit your posts. If you are a repeat offender, a replacement will be sought.
30. Do not use the email tags to hide extra content in your posts.
31. A list of the votes so far (a "Vote Count") can be requested by contacting any game-runner or game-tutor.
32. Game-runners reserve the right to add, remove, or modify existing any rules at any point, and enforcement may be applied retrospectively. However, all players will be informed of changes, and changes will be consistent across games.
33. In general, do not try and exploit loop-holes in the rules.
34. Completed GAF games are often read by people thinking of signing up in the future. As such, please keep your avatar spoiler free - it should not allude to your role or alignment.
35. I will accept Night Actions up to two hours before the Day starts. Missing actions will be decided at Moderator’s discretion.

36. Day 1 will be 2 days long (48 hours). Following day phases/night phases will be 3/2 days.
1. [m] Lone_Prodigy
2. [-] Darryl (Lynched D2)
3. [m] CrimsonFist (Killed N2)
4. [m] EzekelRAGE (Banished N7)
5. [m] flatearthpandas (Lynched D2)
6. [m] Freakinchair (Killed N2)
7. [m] Giant Panda (Killed N6)
8. [f] StarSketch (Lynched D1)
9. [f] Sophia
10. [m] Zippedpinhead (Killed N4)
11. [m] OceanicAir (Lynched D4)
12. [f] Swamped
13. [m] gorlak (Killed N3)
14. [m] Kyanrute (Lynched D6)
15. [f] WhereAreMahDragonz
16. [-] Seath (Lynched D5)
17- [m] Blargonaut (replaced fengshuifever) (Killed N7)
18. [m] *Splinter (died to ancient magic N6))

You may receive PMs during the night phase. Please check your PMs regularly!

There are two Gods in the game. Gods can not be lynched and not be targeted at night. There may however be other ways to kill them.

The game has ended. The Followers of Peripseros have won!

Table of Contents:
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII

The current vote count can always be found at http://rfnx.ddns.net/mafia/1201486.html


Jul 16, 2013
Only one player left to check in!

Looking at the S5 review thread I thought about making D1 only 48h. Any objections?

Also, I updated post #3 with the following note:
You may receive PMs during the night phase. Please check your PMs regularly!

Doesn't really matter too much to me. Will the rest of day phases be 4 days?


Jan 13, 2013
No objections to 48 hours, although are you planning on starting as soon as the last person checks in? This isn't really the best time for EU people.


Dec 13, 2011
*updated the day and night phases length in post #2*