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Off Beat Racer; rare AF and legit fun 90s arcade racing...but what are the best arcade racing games of that era?


I have a HUGE soft spot for arcade racing games. Cruis'n USA, San Francisco Rush, Ace Driver, Dayona 2, Scud Race, etc etc...sure modern racing games like Forza Horizon are a ton of fun but for me nothing lives up to the arcade racing games of the 90s. They just had the look and feel (down to the physics engines they used) that I remember fondly and absolutely love.

but there are a ton of OTHER racing games from that era that are equally as fun but totally forgotten about. Take for instance Off Beat Racer from SNK. It was on the Hyper Neo Geo 64 which was a total failure of a platform for them...but damn it I still love it. It has all the fun and charm you want in an arcade racing game from the 90s...and nobody remembers it.

Same with Ace Driver from Namco. Legit awesome...never talked about

But GAF...what are your fav arcade racers? Hell I may find out about something I didn't realize existed...and I'll play it

Man, I love your videos! Your highlight so many interesting and unique games that you just don't see people talking about. The M2 stuff was fascinating, in particular.

Daytona 1 and Sega Rally is probably my favorite of the Sega racers in terms of gameplay, with Scud Race having my favorite graphics. One thing that I never realized when I was younger was how freaking hard these games are. You'd typically only play a track or two with whatever quarters you had. But now that I can play these games through emulation, you can see how they were designed to steal your quarters even at the easiest dip switch settings.


oh 100%. On default difficulty the time you have to hit a checkpoint basically means you need to race near perfectly to get it done. Total quarter muchers

glad you like the weird esoteric content! It's a ton of fun talking about the lesser known stuff. Lots more coming...maybe more M2 as well ;)
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