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Official Nintendo Oct 2 JP Conference (S&P2 on Wii, Punch Out Wii, DSi announced)


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Damn, if they have the videos up already, looks like there's no megaton. I CAN'T BELIEVE I LOST 6 HOURS OF SLEEP FOR THIS GODDAMNIT NOT EVEN A NEW ZELDA AKFJKAJG!


Holy crap Sin and Punishment 2 looks GREAT. Some other game with a female Knight slashing giant robots, and another that looks like Lost Magic on the Wii.


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watching that wii montage, did anyone else get the feeling that tatsucap and s&p2 had accidentally been edited into the wrong tape


best possible wii announcement? yes. since it's nintendo property, my pleasure isn't even clouded by the desire for it to be on a better console





Beautiful Ocean by Arika!?! YES PLEASE (WiiSpeak support this time around, thanks)

Punch Out and Sin and Punishment both look glorious.

Where the fuck was all this goodness at E3? Throw in a couple of these and you have a public relations disaster averted. Between DSi, DSiWare and all these games this thing shits all over E3.


Sonic and the Black Knight actually looks cool. Also tons of other games they didnt announce.

Who knows what will be at the english conference later.


Punch Out looks fun. Was hoping to see the Wii Tales for whatever reason.

I really liked what they showed for the DS though. :D

Firestorm said:
Legendia, Tempest, and Innocence are all mothership games.

They removed Tempest from that classification not too long ago. :lol


endless ocean2 looks great as well. is there a list of all those games from the montage? I didn't realise there was a vs capcom game coming either


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Time to Recap

Nintendo DSi
- 3.25 inch screens (DS = 3 inch)
- Has an inside and outside camera, 0.3 megapixels
- Has SD slot on right-hand side.
- Has onboard memory
- Comes with web browser
- Comes with app to detect some DS hotspots
- Has Apps store like iPod
- Apps are free/300/500/800 points
- Other apps include an app that allows you to make flipbooks using the cameras
- No GBA slot
- 18900 yen
- 1000 points for free if you buy before march 2010
- Possibly minorly upped resolution
- November in Japan, 2009 elsewhere.
- Black and white versions.
- DSi operating system

New Software:
- DS Pedometer, Miis on DS
- Mario and Luigi 3 - play as bowser for some of game
- 3d Picross
- World Foods
- (?) Possibly Big Brain Academy 2?
- Let's Tap by Prope.

- storage solution involves making SD card easier, coming in spring 2009
- you get 500 points if you help a friend set up their wii online
- wii comes with video explaining wii online functions

Wii Software:
- Punch-Out Wii
- Trace Memory Wii looks EXCELLENT!!!!!!
- Sin and Punishment 2
- Endless Ocean 2 - MEGA PENGUINS!!!!!
- Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) coming to Wii.
- Animal Crossing Wii interacts with AC DS
- New mainline Tales of.

- Wii getting re-releases of GCN titles. Not ports. Not ports. Not ports. Not ports. Do not appear to have waggle or any changes. Not ports. Re-releases. Should be budget. Starting with DK Jungle Beat and Pikmin.


wow ign copied wired

wired 10 minutes ago:
14:56: Gemaga seems to have stopped updating; they may be asleep.

ign just then:
Still nothing to report. It's possible that the Wii Music demo lulled Japanese reporters into a deep, Snow White-esque sleep. We're just kidding, Wii Music! You know we love you. Seriously though, we don't.


So this year's third party console switch megaton is Sengoku Musou 3?

That one's probably PS2-bound too, if I had to guess.
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