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Official PC/PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 Thread. GODLIKE


Welcome to the Official PC/PS3 Unreal Tournament III Thread!
Let's Rock!! Yeehaw!!

Basic Information
Official Website
Available for PC & Playstation 3
US release date PC: Released
PAL: Released
US release date PS3: Released
PAL: Early 2008 (?)
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Midway Games
Genre: First Person Shooter
Specs for PC:

Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
512 Mbytes of System RAM
NVIDIA 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+ Video Card

Recommended System Requirements
2.4+ GHZ Dual Core Processor
1 GBytes of System RAM
NVIDIA 7800GTX+ or ATI x1300+ Video Card

Boxart for normal and limited edition

PS3 Boxart

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From the Official Website:


Unreal Tournament 3 marks the return of industry’s premiere first-person shooter.
Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 3 the latest installment takes graphics and gameplay to a whole new level.
Slug it out with a diverse roster of opponents, battling across Unbelievably detailed environments using the latest in high-tech fire power.

Choose from a vast arsenal of brutal weaponry and all-new, lethal Necris squadron vehicles.
The weaponry is bigger and badder than ever. There are a ton of weapons to choose from and many have been upgraded for maximum performance and killing sprees.

Compete offline and online including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Vehicle capture the Flag and the all-new warfare mode!

Gametypes: Some text from Liandri Archives

● Single Player
Will expand upon the simple ladder matches present in previous installments. A four act storyline, complete with a cinematics throughout, which will tell the story of the player seeking revenge for the slaughter of his clan. Mid-way through, the Necris attack and your allegiance can slip from corporation to corporation. Features world map with selectable missions which include boss battles. Players can earn "cards" or powerup rewards for completing side objectives. These can be used in later missions. An example is that all team players will receive instagib rifles for the mission. Co-op play will be available in campaign mode.
● Deathmatch
The classic mode returns from the previous installments. It’s free for all, kill on sight. Probably a straight run to the shieldbelt if enabled.
● Team Deathmatch
Same as Deathmatch except it’s team vs team.
● Capture the Flag (!)
My favourite game type, once again features the translocator for quick transportation around the map. Grab the opponent’s flag and return it to base, make sure your flag is safe!
● Vehicle Capture the Flag
The Hoverboard replaces the Translocator in maps with vehicles, and you can carry the flag on the Hoverboard. However, entering into any vehicle with the flag will cause you to drop it.
● Warfare
Interview J. Morrison on PlanetUnreal
Warfare is about destroying your enemies Power Core while defending your own. Since Warfare is a vehicle focused gametype (with the large maps that come with high speed), we use a node system that focuses that action at specific points rather than spreading out players across the entire playfield. We’ve taken the objective focus of Assault in UT2004 and now there’s a great diversity of ways to damage a core (or node) beyond standing there and blasting. Calling in submarine missile strikes, triggering floods, and other tactics are part of Warfare “vocabulary”. Throw in hoverboards, Power Orbs to break stalemates, deployables, and the all new Necris vehicle team and Warfare drives the vehicle focused gametype into new territory.
● Duel
Much like the old school Street Fighter II arcade, 1 on 1 and the winner stays. Other players wait in queue

Weapons: From Liandri Archives

● Translocator
This Unreal series favorite returns to the Capture the Flag gametype, except for maps that contain vehicles, in which the hoverboard becomes the secondary method of transportation. There are more charges than UT2004 (7 compared to 6) and they refill faster. (About one per second.) Also, the disc has a flatter trajectory than UT2004 and it fires farther than UT, but not quite as far at UT2004.

● Impact Hammer
This favorite from Unreal Tournament makes a comeback with an EMP alt-fire that disables vehicles and removes powerups from other players. One of the newer effects of the Impact Hammer is that if you get several kills with it, blood and gore smear over the hammer - eventually making it more red than orange.
● Enforcer
Your starting weapon, the Enforcer is a pistol with rapid fire. Secondary fire shoots a less accurate triple burst. You spawn with one enforcer, though if a player is killed while holding the weapon it is dropped, and picking up a second enforcer allows you to hold two at a time. As a homage to the original Enforcers, they now turn sideways when you are close to an opponent.
● Bio Rifle
This weapon fires a big slow arcing gob of sludge that can instantly take out a heavily armed opponent or stick to floors and walls, then break apart into smaller pieces creating an instant minefield. Players with a large amount of slime attached to them will get rapidly "chipped" in damage, but they will have a second or two to fight back before dying, giving them a chance to take out the enemy who hit them.
● Shock Rifle
A classic weapon, the Shock Rifle fires an instant-hit beam of energy when primary fire is used, and a floating ball of energy when secondary fire is used. Players can also shoot the ball of energy with the beam to create a shock combo, dealing intense amounts of damage in a small radius (enough to kill a player wearing even medium armor). When compared to past titles, the shock balls have been sped up from UT2004 to be more closely match the rate of the original UT. The primary rate of fire has also been reduced. Shock combos will now suck up ragdolls in a small vortex, and gib them if it does so.
● Link Gun
The link gun shoots small fast moving plasma balls similar to those in the original UT. The secondary shoots a straight beam of energy that can kill foes, heal vehicles and charge power nodes.

● Stinger Minigun
The stinger from the original Unreal replaces the Minigun as a fast firing semi-projectile weapon. The gun has two modes, a fast but inaccurate spread of Tarydium crystal shards that hits instantly, and a slower firing more powerful projectile shot that can also sometimes nail opponents to the wall with the killing blow.
● Flak Cannon
Primary fire for this weapon releases a number of chunks of metal, tearing enemies into shreds. The secondary fire releases an undetonated flak shell that detonates and turns to shrapnel on impact. Compared to past titles, the primary fire bounces more and has a much tighter spread, while the flak shell does not travel as far as it did in UT2004, but it has a much higher upward arc.

● Rocket Launcher
The new rocket launcher combines the instant rockets ability from UT2004, and the grenades from UT. As in UT2004 primary fire shoots instant rockets, secondary fire loads rockets, and hitting primary while holding secondary will switch to spiral fire mode with a single tap, grenades with two, or back to a spread with three. As in previous titles, rockets can lock onto things. This feature has been visibly improved to help take out vehicles, with much better locking and turning ability.

● Sniper
The classic sniper rifle has returned to replace the Lightning Gun as the primary long range weapon. It now features a red-colored tracer, and Bolt Action reloading. It's comparably as strong as UT's Sniper Rifle, however, the rate of fire is not as fast as UT's, but it is much faster than the Sniper Rifle or Lightning Gun in UT2004.
The AVRiL is now hand loaded. Its tracking beam can be used to "herd" Spider Mines, much like the alt-fire on the Mine Layer in UT2004, and the tracking beam is also visible to combat problems where a person could get shot with AVRiLs and not know where the enemy is. It also has a secret function that has not yet been revealed.

● Redeemer
Acting as the super weapon in this title, the redeemer is a rocket-launcher type weapon that fires a small nuclear warhead, capable of killing anybody within range regardless of how they are protected.

Vehicles From Liandri Archives

● Scorpion
The primary fire shoots electrified balls that explode on contact; these are particularly effective against other vehicles, upon which they home in on.
● Hellbender
The new rendition of the hellbender places the driver in control over the skymine turret, while the rear turret functions differently from UT2004, being more like a standard turret instead of the twin-beam configuration.

● Manta
In addition to a visual update, players will no longer be able to ride on top of the side fans, but will be sucked down and gibbed.

● Raptor
Besides the visual update, the Raptor now seems to be a bit more responsive to manuevering, and both the rate of fire and locking ability for its missiles have dramatically improved.
● Cicada
Sporting a much bulkier and boxier look, the Cicada is mostly unchanged, however, ascending and descending seems even faster than before. Missiles can still be charged and held with the Altfire.

● Paladin
Visually much improved from it's UT 2004 debut. The shield will no longer remain deployed if it goes through buildings or other level geometry, and it will get dimmer with sustained damage. Furthermore, using the shield combo to knock away nearby infantry is now instantaneous, as well as will deplete the shield slightly, taking about six combos before the shield is down. It seems to be slightly faster, as well.

● Hellfire SPMA
The skymine turret is now controlled by the driver when the paladin is undeployed. There is no longer a passanger/gunner seat.
● Stealthbender
A variant of the Hellbender created using Necris stealth technology. Its capabilities aren't known, but may include the ability to use deployables.
● Goliath
The Goliath tank works effectively the same to its UT2004 equivalent.
● Leviathan
This mobile fortress still features its devastating main cannon and has added distinct weapon fire to each of its four turrets rather than UT2004's link-like projectile. Each turret also has an alternate shield function.

● Viper
A single passenger speeder.

● Darkwalker
This lumbering tripod has tendril-like legs that allow them to climb a wider variety of terrain compared to other vehicles.

● Nemesis
The Nemesis is the Necris answer to the Goliath, and it features an instant hit twin laser beam with zoom.
● Fury
The fury is a single-seated flying vehicle that specializes in shooting down other air units. This vehicle can dodge, allowing you to barrel roll out of the way.
● Nightshade
Seemingly the Necris answer to the Axon's Hellbender, this stealth-based vehicle has deployables such as spider mines and the slow volume.
● Scavenger
This spherical vehicle can extend its legs and pull itself up terrain or retract them and roll on the ground like a ball.

Like the previous UT's the game featured various teams and characters. These are just skins, they don't add bonusses or anything. Characters are also custumizable.
All teams have a cheesy story of their own ;-) A few teams: (Pics are concept art)

● Iron Guard

● Ronin

● Corrupt


● Krall


● Will update once I have the complete list. Coret + Deck are in :)

Deck 16 Concept Art

If you frag an amount of opponents without dying the announcer will praise you by saying the following:

5 frags Killing Spree!!
10 frags Rampage!!
15 frags Dominating!!
20 frags Unstoppable!!
25 frags GODLIKE!!
30 + frags Massacre!!

If you frag an amount of opponents right after another you will hear:

2 frags: Double Kill!!
3 frags: Multi Kill!!
4 frags: Mega Kill!!
5 frags: Ultra Kill!!
6 frags: M M M MONSTER KILL!!


UT3 Won't Ship With Cross-Platform Play
dralla said:
btw, PC patch is out. seems like they fixed the "console" UI and other bugs
PS3 news
Epix said:
dralla said:

IGN Review 9/10
At its core, Unreal Tournament 3 offers exactly what its predecessors (specifically UT '99 and '04) did to make it so popular: preposterous action at blindingly fast speeds. It's all over the top, soaked in blood, nonsensical (hoverboards and stealth tanks?) and bathed in an electric light. Warfare mode is an excellent addition to the series, proving to be a deeper version of onslaught, and the additional Necris vehicles make both it and VCTF all the more worthwhile and enjoyable. Then there are all the smaller scale but still very much significant changes, like the hoverboards, warfare orbs, and slight variations to weapon functionality that work to keep the game from getting stale. Deathmatch, however, still feels very similar, and is therefore less of a draw for me. If you've been playing the series all along, expect the same sort of thing only with a sparkling graphical luster. If you've never played this game before, do so immediately. It's still one of the best shooters on the market, even if it seems to be bumping against the boundaries of its potential. Keep in mind if you've never particularly liked UT, this version will do absolutely nothing to sway you.

PS3 Reviews

1 Up review 8/10
As for today, the arrival of Unreal Tournament 3 stands to be one of the highlights of the year for Net-connected PS3 owners. For many, this will be a fresh experience, lessening the impact of the modest mode options and lack of some fan favorites from prior versions. At the same time, the lessons learned over the years of iteration and the sparkling new graphics engine make this the latest and greatest version for fans of the series. While that experience factor also benefits the bot A.I., that shine may wear off fairly fast for those not planning to play online.
Gametrailers Single Player Trailer
Gametrailers Single Player Trailer HD
Gametrailers TGS 07 Mark Rein Interview
Gametrailers TGS 07 Mark Rein Interview HD
Gametrailers New Modes and Weaponry Interview
Gametrailers New Modes and Weaponry Interview HD
Wollan said:
Screens by bad-joey PC version

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Basic Tips written by plagiarize:
plagiarize said:
dralla said:
we need to add a mod area where people can DL al the mods. http://utforums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=593988
dralla said:


Beyond Unreal
Liandri Archives
Planet Unreal
Unreal Tournament 3 Epic Games Forum
Unreal Tournament 3 Official Website

Will update the OP once something new happens :)


Looking at those weapons make me think of Ratchet and Clank.

And I like the white cover art, a lot.

Hopefully me friend lets me borrow this game sometime.


I can't believe I actually want to play this games SP based on the cheesy yet awesome trailer. It was so pulp-scifi, just the right level of serious/kinda hokey/"fuck yeah let's kill some fucking aliens". That's a tough ratio to nail, fyi.
The biorifle sludge is pretty awesome. Not sure what they are supposed to be, but there are little evil looking creatures swimming around in it.


So far Im loving it, but man the menu for the game, and the online browser is just trash. Get rid of this gamespy crud please :( Fucking awesome otherwise though.


Does the retail version have better textures than the demo? If it does, can someone please post screenshots of the heatray level?


I was wondering if anyone has tried running this on a Macbook Pro, either via Boot Camp or OSX (is there even an OSX version?). How does it run?

I have a 2.2 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2 GB of RAM and the 128MB GeForce 8600M GT.


404Ender said:
I was wondering if anyone has tried running this on a Macbook Pro, either via Boot Camp or OSX (is there even an OSX version?). How does it run?

I have a 2.2 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2 GB of RAM and the 128MB GeForce 8600M GT.

i think they're making a mac version, but i don't think the one that came out this week is it. ... and that computer should be enough to run the game. Gamespot says it scales well, and the 8600m gt is not too bad as far as notebook processors go. Here's some discussion: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=178468


I had no idea violence and partial nudity were criteria for Early Childhood games. No wonder video games are destroying our youth.

Mmmm the teams. Best part of UT.

Looking forward to the visual customization. I hope it turns out to offer some decent options.
"Looking forward to the visual customization. I hope it turns out to offer some decent options."

Eh. It's not bad. I've only really messed with the Liandri and I know they're fairly limited on options. They all more-or-less share the same assets, but with a different face. Of course, UT2K4 players were all pretty much the same body with a different face too, so :shrug:.


The Bad
* Front-end interface has too many menus and selections to move through, which makes it feel sort of like a console game.

How much did they deduct for that major complaint? (only complaint) :)

Maybe this will be a positive when they are reviewing the PS3 and 360 version though?!
Mmmmonsterkilll! Will get. But it will have to wait. Testament to how many good games are coming. I have too many at home already. But one day...

No worries though. This games onlinecommunity will live for a long time I bet. Not to mention all the mods that you know are coming.


Ok thanks. Because the first post said "like street fighter 2" in reference to switching off when you lost I wondered if it actually meant that matches were fairly short compared to other games.
Duel's just a fix for 1v1 DM. Instead of players having to find another server with 1 person waiting or setting one up, they can pile onto a single server, spectate the other players while waiting for their turn.
UT99 fans are satisfied for something like UT99. UT2K4 fans are still a little butthurt over no dodge-jump and shield gun. CTF fans are very happy.

There's no real clan support. You have your username and then under the player options menu there's a clan tag that just adds your clan tag onto it.


Teknopathetic said:
Duel's just a fix for 1v1 DM. Instead of players having to find another server with 1 person waiting or setting one up, they can pile onto a single server, spectate the other players while waiting for their turn.
I know how duel works from q3/4 it was just the description that made me think it might be a lot quicker.

Teknopathetic said:
UT99 fans are satisfied for something like UT99. UT2K4 fans are still a little butthurt over no dodge-jump and shield gun. CTF fans are very happy.

There's no real clan support. You have your username and then under the player options menu there's a clan tag that just adds your clan tag onto it.
So if I was to grab a demo that my PC could actually run I'd want UT99 and not 2004 to learn any movement nuances?
No, you'd still want UT3 as it still moves quite a bit differently from either, especially with regards to gravity. That said, it's closer to UT99 with the axing of the dodge jump and maps not designed around it.


Is this a Gears of War spinoff? :p

Seriously though, with Quake Wars and TF2, UT isn't doing anything for me
And I loved UT2004... :/


I really don't like the overall art direction, but that Corrupt character is pretty cool ... it's crazy, but it might be the hook to bait me in.
"I'll buy the version I can play on my couch with surround sound at 1080p and 60fps."

The PC version?

"Is there a demo for this? (PC)"

There's a rather meh-tastic beta demo that was released
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