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Official Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix thread

Jan 12, 2007
Toronto, ON. Canada
xero273 said:
“On one of the FTP’s some of the art leaked out and everyone was ‘Oh my God, look how bad this art is!’” Killian said. “We responded to it on our blog saying the bad news is, yes this is actually the art from the game, but the good news is we know it’s shitty, and it’s so shitty we actually fired the company before it leaked.”

WHAT?? :lol :lol :lol
Wasn't UDON behind it? They are still doing the art, right? :p


Dec 2, 2007
Montreal, Canada
shagg_187 said:
WHAT?? :lol :lol :lol
Wasn't UDON behind it? They are still doing the art, right? :p

Udon were doing the main frames of the game, the most important ones, they would give the characters the overall look. Udon doesn't have that many artists.

Capcom then hired a secondary company to do all the in-between transition frames, and they were supposedly all over the place, colors not matching up, shading changing drastically between frames.

So, Capcom decided to make the game much more basic, and have alot less detail.

Because you know, they be caring about us fans.

Nose Master

Mar 3, 2008
This game is half off, btw. Picked it up... and after basically starting my experience with the street fighter franchise at IV... man is this janky :lol

I miss shortcuts. :(
Jun 9, 2004
Hey guys, spotted this on another forum. You can win a little piece of SF2 merchandise history:

The Retro Gamers and the Working Class Gamer Podcast are teaming up to present a special Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix on the PS3! You will be fighting for both bragging rights and a very rare prize a Street Fighter 2 Gashapon set. A must have for the Street Fighter Fan. This a 12 character figure set that is in good condition.

Now the details.
It will be double elimination
Best out of three win the match
Akuma is not allowed (Request by the Working Class gamers)
Sign ups will last for one week.
You will have one week to get your match in.

Sign up by clicking on this link.

Good Luck!

*Note* Rules are subject to change before the start of the tourny *Note*

Not many folks signed up.