Official Xbox 360 Madden '12 Online Franchise Thread OT2 Mr Peyton Goes To Washington

Does this Penguin dude exist? Sent a message in the thread yesterday alongside a PM for our game no response!

i see bob is already rounding into next-gen form in the sony orbis thread
Hey now, I love new technology! Sounds like the Wii U is going to be a disappointment now hardware wise (Xbox 360+), so I need to look towards the future!
Why not? It's better than the 360 controller for action games. Only thing the 360 controller is better at is shooters, and that is a hollow victory since key/mouse is still king overall!


That throwing stick stunt of yours has boomeranged on us.
you may do as you please.

But fair warning. The CPU is probably tougher than most guys you'd schedule as a sub.
it's not for me, I rarely have lost to the CPU in my other league yet rarely beat humans here. There's probably something fundamentally wrong with how I play because of this as I've seen many people here claim the same as you.

Now watch me lose anyway.
Did you play Warcraft 2 on Playstation? Now that was torture. At least FPS kind of fits more on a console, not that I would play one on a console. Unless it's Halo, for the single player of course
Clearly you like torture, not sure why you had a problem with Warcraft 2.

I actually only ever played it on the PSP via an emulator. I liked it, but I love the first three Warcraft games.
Colasante, I believe you're my next opponent. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'll be out of town from Friday to Sunday. So assuming that this thing advances tomorrow, tomorrow night will be the only time I can play. Friday morning before 10 am PST may be doable, but kinda iffy.
Hell yeah! The Frozen Throne is still the best expansion pack of all time to be released. So good.

Arthas :bow
Yeah. I spent almost a year playing different custom games. Obviously DOTA - :( - but so many TD's and such. I even created a couple of games myself. I created some arena type games and even a "relay race" type deal with different games like dodging rocks, one of those maze games where you touch the edge you die, car races, and a mini-arena game.

That game was sooooo awesome.