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OG QUAKE goes free, QUAKE 2 might follow

Elektro Demon

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The OG 3D shooter is free for everyone via the Bethesda launcher.

  • Remember when QuakeCon was about Quake? It was the mid-'90s, and a bunch of guys schlepped their PCs to a hotel in Texas, set up a LAN, and spent the weekend blowing each other to bits. Id Software wasn't even involved—they just heard about it and showed up on the last day to see what the hell was going on.

    It's come a long way since then, but you can get a small taste of what those long-ago days were like during this year's QuakeCon at Home event, just by logging into the Bethesda launcher while it's running. Everyone who does will have the original Quake added to their launcher library for free.

    If the game doesn't appear in your library, log out and then back in, and it should turn up. (Doing that worked for me.) It eats up an amusingly tiny 54MB of drive space when installed (Warzone's 200GB stings a little more in contrast), a process that takes a few seconds on any kind of decent internet connection. It runs like a charm, but you'll have to do some horsing around with the controls if you want to roll with the standard WASD setup. Mouselook will also have to be manually enabled: Type +mlook in the console to make that happen.

    This may not be the only old-fashioned Quake giveaway to take place during QuakeCon, either. Bethesda is also raising money for charities including Direct Relief, UNICEF, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and The Trevor Project, as well as the Dallas Pets and Four Paws animal charities, and if donations during the event top $10,000, the great Quake 2 will go free too.

    QuakeCon at Home runs until 10 pm ET on August 9. Here's the full schedule.



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Will always have a special place in my blackened heart, Quake. Was the first game I ran on my Gateway branded PC back in 98. I had the Saturn version so to say it was an eye opener running as intended is quite an understatement.

Unfortunately I hated Quake. Bloody awful boring depressing dreary game.
I bought Doom Eternal on PS4 yesterday. I loved 2016 but waited for a sale (got it for 50% off yeeea)

Anyway I was appalled that it made me sign up to a Bethdesa account to even reach the title screen, fucking swines!

I put in a phoney email, looks like that did the job but this company just wants to sell your email to profit of it. I'd rather buy the game (Quake) for a couple quid than sign up to whatever trash this is.

About Doom Eternal, I feared it wouldn't be as good as 2106, only played half an hour so far but I am feeling it! Feels fucking great I gotta say.
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I will always remember Quake CTF, with the grappling hook. Spawn camping, rocket brigades. It was just a blasty-blast to play. Not sure it's aged well though. I mean, we're talking a game over 20 years old at this point. Not sure this is a promotion so much as a mercy-dump.
Seriously?! I haven't played it yet, but ... wow.

Yeah, no skip option. Apparently if you disconnect the internet in PS4 settings it will bypass it but... scummy stuff, Sony shouldn't allow it. There is no point to it other than to collect email addresses. You don't have to verify or even put in a password.


Targeting terrorists with a D-Pad


Nice! Haha PC Gamer I actually had one of my DOOM levels included on one of their free CDs in the 90s.

Quake is an interesting beast. On release I almost felt it was a letdown from DOOM but still enjoyed it.

Nowadays the atmosphere and gunplay is so damn good when I go back to play it. Looking forward to revisiting this classic.
Hell yeah! The OG Quake is the only one I don’t have the CD for anymore. I’ve been really tempted to re-buy it but I’m glad I hadn’t yet now. I still wish I had my old CD though


I was like SWEET! Until I saw that it was on the bethesda launcher

this is a terrible port. the game looked and played better on my computer when it came out! what the fuck?

first of all the menu graphics are glitched, secondly it is limited to 720p, thirdly the framerate is garbage, fifth the controls are ass, WASD does nothing and i have to go forward by pushing the mouse forward.

unplayable. lol. what a waste of time. i should just dig out my old disc and find a good engine.
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