Hail, peons, for I have come as ambassador from the great and bountiful Blueberry Butt Explosion
I give up on humanity. Sorry guys, you're on your own.
Its Scott Farkus from the modern day classic A Christmas Story...No seriously...Check IMDB. They should retitle it "Postal: Revenge on Ralphie".

How can you get a plot from the game? I feel sorry for the actors who took the job, probably on the fringe of going bankrupt.

OMG, the soup nazi from Seinfeld is playing Osama Bin Laden
Wonder if they'll stick with their original ending. I read it's going to end with Bush and Bin Laden holding hands skipping through a garden of flowers with a rainbow appearing overhead.
I know uwe beat up a few reporters but did any of them kick his ass?

About the arab pic, I guess arabs are the new commies or nazi's (or zombie commie nazi's who serve the emporer of japan:D ) when it comes to vilians in movies.
this is the only Boll movie that has a chance of being enjoyable. Postal 2 was just a nuts game that was funny if you had the right sense of humour. if it's just an off the wall insane and offensive movie... then i'm going to see it.

it's not like postal is a game that will take much to do it justice, or have it's fan base up in arms because they didn't stay true to the plot of the games.
AltogetherAndrews said:
Awesome. See, the great thing about this movie is that the source material is so ****ed all the way to hell that even Boll couldn't screw up.
if that rumoured end to the movie is true, then it sounds like he's got the right kind of tone for it.

it's definately my only hope that Boll could ever do something worthy.