On April 5th, the Playstation 2 finally drops to $99

I couldn’t find any discussion on this anywhere, on NeoGAF or otherwise, so this might be a “NeoGAF Exclusive”.

I’ve looked at some advanced copies of sales flyers from major retailers in attempt to see if a PS3 price drop was really on the horizon. No real PS3 price drops, but I did discover that the Playstation 2 will see a permanent $30 price drop starting April 5th. It’s definitely not a temporary sale; every flyer I’ve seen says “price drop” or “new low price”. I suppose the timing is an attempt to steal a little thunder from the sure-to-be-huge DSi launch.

I don’t have any scans or links, which I know GAF will frown upon. The source is me. Anybody with access to retailer ads for the week of 04/05/09-04/11/09 should be able to back me up on this, though.

Anyway, it's been a long time coming.
I kinda want to get the newer version of the Slimline, I don't know whether I'm whore enough to buy a second PS2 though, even at $99.
You know, nine years ago I swore I wouldn't buy a PS2 until the price dropped to $99. Oh how I would have been waiting forever if I had stuck to that.

Back when the Dreamcast and Gamecube systems dropped down to $99 fairly quickly, I didn't think a $99 PS2 would be that far off. I never though an eventual $99 price would take almost 10 years to reach. :p
It was bound to happen, the PS2 had been very strong given it's last gen status, but this last Christmas it got pounded and since then it's been way down in sales. This price drop should push the system on for another year or two and then it's dead.


Hopefully we'll actually see a few more good games on it before it bows out. (Eyes the 3rd party Wii exclusives.)


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In case anyone in Canada doesn't already have a PS2, the new price scheme up here is currently set to be $109 for a PS2, $129 for the Lego Bundle and whatever the other bundle is.
Well I stand corrected. I thought they'd never do it considering the production costs of the PS2 left them with such a minimal profit margin. As the PS2 had already peaked I didn't think they'd be able to drop the price with a steadily shrinking production run. I'm sure an exec. said that they'd never do it also, because the person who buys at $99 probably won't buy many games.
a Master Ninja said:
I can't give you a real link, I was merely pointing out that we've been waiting for this price drop to happen for a very long time.
Ah, I see... But why did you give a date, then?

Besides, I think Sony had no reason to drop the price until this Christmas. It may seem like a long time to maintain a price point, but it's sorta' like the Wii - why drop the price when it still sells?

Anyhoo, I just hope this isn't the announcement.
It might've been better to shave that $30 of the PS3($369 instead of $399) but I guess the PS2 will see some promotions and perhaps a nice bump. Software is on the way out though(at least in Europe) so I guess we'll have to wait and see if sales actually increase.
My 60GB PS3 just died. I'm hoping to get it fixed, but if that doesn't happen, this might be quite helpful.

The optimist in me hopes that PS3 firmware 2.70, set to come out (as far as anyone can tell) in a similar timeframe to this price drop, might contain limited PS2 backwards compatibility, but that's probably far, far too much to hope for.
And then there's the $80 price point and the $50 price point.

Should sell another 50m systems easy.

Anyway, I have close to sixty games for the thing. It seems crazy, but then again, it's been out for over 8 years and I keep buying new things every year.


I may actually finally get one. there are a few PS2 exclusives I want to catch up on. You know, Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, the Metal Gears, that kind of thing.
I've still got the original model PS2 with a hard drive in it lying around in my room. I would absolutely nab the latest slim model to use alongside the Portable DVD Player's screen in my room. If this news is true, sweet.