One Finger Death Punch 2 demo and trailer released

May 18, 2018

Silver Dollar Games is pleased to release a demo for its highly-anticipated sequel, One Finger Death Punch 2 (OFDP2). The demo gives players roughly 45 minutes of fast-paced action controlling the chosen one (AKA white stick figure) as he fights his way through wave after wave of bad guys. Using his advanced martial arts techniques, various weapons, deadly skills, and surroundings, players can Eagle Claw their way through the tutorial and then Plum Flower Punch a handful of levels from the game’s first map.

Today’s demo will serve as a dumpling-sized appetizer to the full OFDP2 experience. Couch-potato combatants can expect over 400 levels, 15 level types, 4 endless survival modes, and two gauntlet run game modes all while helping the chosen one learn a total of 26 new skills.

“One Finger Death Punch 2 has been a labor of love for my brother and I for the past five years,” Silver Dollar Games’ Jon Flook says. “Our only wish is for players to once again feel like they’re a kung-fu legend across all of the fun and engaging levels and game modes.”

In the comments on the video, a developer confirms that the game will run at 60 FPS on console and uncapped on PC.

I'm in for this, I liked the first one a lot. It got a little repetitive but playing it in short bursts seemed like the way to go. It looks like there are a lot more weapons and hopefully more variety of mission types this time round.
Jun 13, 2018
I loved the first one, even if it was a tad repetitive. I know he's probably one guy but I think it would really help if he changed the artstyle. It helps evoke memories of mid-00's flash games but I fear that puts a lot of people off. The background art also clashes with the stick-figures.
Mar 6, 2018
I loved the first game, so I'll probably be buying this day one. Very underrated title. Great to play while you're listening to music, or to wake you up when you're feeling a bit sleepy.

Here's a better idea of the gameplay than the trailer offers:

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