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Greetings and welcome to our One Piece Manga community thread! Here we discuss the latest chapters of One Piece as they release with spoiler tags only before scanlation release days (typically Thursdays). DO NOT POST SCANS IN THIS THREAD. Additionally, please support the official release by purchasing the volumes!

Well friends, we are entering the 20th year of the series with a lot to come in the near future: Big Mom Flashback, the finale of WCI arc, the continuation of the Reverie and the start of the next epic arc of the series Wano to take down Kaido: The King of the Beast.

With the rest of the Yonko Saga to come with Elbaf, Shanks, Black Beard. We got even more to look forward to outside of that with: Revolution arc, anything with Vegapunk and other wacky adventures in between this to the final war.

A series 20 years long with easily another 10 years or more to go. Unless Oda smokes get him.

Main Forces:

Straw-Hat Pirates (9 Members, soon to be 10)
Monkey D. Luffy | Roronoa Zoro | Nami | Usopp | Sanji Vinsmoke | Tony Tony Chopper | Nico Robin | Franky | Brook | Jinbei

Straw-Hat Grand Fleet (5600 Members)
Cavendish (75) | Bartolomeo (56) | Sai (1000) | Ideo (4) | Leo (200) | Hajrudin (5) | Orlumbus (4300)

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance:

Vs Four Emperors Saga:

Current Arc WCI Summary:
Straw-Hats have arrived at Totland, Big mom territory of 34 islands, before the make there way to WCI they encounter the blushing bride to be Charlotte Pudding who decides to help our crew and gives them a to WCI and bring Sanji to them on the coast of WCI. Sanji has a tense confrontation with his father a man who has never given him a precious moment and is forced to go along with the wedding.

Jinbei arrives to complete his duties to BM but not all is well on WCI, the Straw-Hats arrive and split up to accomplish 2 goals saving Sanji and getting a rubbing of Big Moms road poneglyph.

Team Luffy: Has troubles with Brulee and Cracker. Chopper and Carrot get captured and Luffy and Nami fight off Cracker for hours and even when they do beat them, have a fight with Sanji wanting them to leave only to get beat up and capture by Big Mom army and held as prisoners.

Team Brook: Had little to no issues compare to the the rest of the group. Brook and Pedro find the treasure room and with Pedro distraction was able to get a copy of the poneglyph. Even with a beating from Big Mom, Brook succeed in getting copies of all of them with out anyone noticing putting them in his skull YOHOHO!

Sanji: He accepts his fate and goes along with it in hopes it will save his father and crew. Even makes a deal with Big Mom to see if she will let the crew go as along as he marries Pudding who he shortly confessed about everything about his family to shortly before. Everything was going until seeing Pudding (who reveals she the 3 eyed girl from 651) heel turn.

Reveals that she not only did she trick the Straw-Hats to get here, but the plan to kill all the Vinsmokes for their tech and she will personally shoots Sanji herself.

All hope is lost...until motherfucking JINBEI!...oh I guess Sanji, Chopper and Carrot do something too.

1. Carrot and Choper get acess to the mirror world to help move around.
2. Jinbei saves Luffy and Nami and helps make a deal with Capone.
3. Sanji and Luffy have a reunion and won't leave until the Vinsmokes are saved.
4. A tense alliance between Capone, Luffy and Gastino (Ceaser), in order to take down Big Mom and save the Vinsmokes.

Wedding Day:

All the guests arrive along with Katakuri the 2nd son of the Charlotte family, who can see brief glimpses into the future. Everything seems to be going fine with Big Mom plans until Katakuri sees Pudding crying. Sanji lifts the veil and before Pudding can take the shot, he grabs her by the shoulders and responds: "What a beautiful eye." in the most genuine face he could possible make.

Pudding is touch by his comment and flatters in shooting him, as someone genuine finds her 3rd eye beautiful for once in her life despite everyone labeling her as a monster for it in the past. As all the Charlotte wondering what happened to the plan and Pudding, the cake starts to rumble and Luffy and a bunch of clones burst out of the wedding cake to begin the plan.

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Fanart gifs of this arc:

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And finally goodbye to the year of Sanji:

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4. A tense alliance between Capon, Luffy and Gastio
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Maan I would pay so much for a proper One Piece anime.
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I know I say it a lot but since the last two arcs had more anime episodes than manga chapters (and it's likely going to happen with Whole Cake), it's a very concerning issue.