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Oneangrygamer.net: Sony's PS4 Censorship Policy Forces Japanese Devs To Censor Games In Japan

Jun 26, 2013
For this console generation that will last 2-3 years more, yes, for the next generation, who can tell.

Especially with Switch being a newer platform with more than enough userbase in Japan.
It the rumored enhanced Switch becomes a big hit (Yes, I know that the upgraded iteration consoles are catered to a niche audience), that will add some more much needed competition and add pressure onto Sony.


Oct 13, 2014
Hanging + gutting with a knife is A-OK.

Tits are the devil.
An interesting thing is, that my country had it vice versa for a very long time and still does on many occasions. We're quite liberal in regards of nudity – there are beaches and lakes where it is legally and publicly allowed to walk, lay, sit or swim fully naked. But movies, especially at prime time, are heavily cut; any brutality, sometimes a 'normal' kill that isn't even overly explicit is cut out, often ruining any sense in an action scene. Max Payne 1 was indexed for a very long time for its deliberate showcasing of killing and brutality; Condemned 2 wasn't even published in our country and got seized (the same as Condemned 1, two years after its release) – any trading of this game is illegal.