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OOGABOOGA is gone, rejoice!!!


Reverse groomer.

Excited Scott Evans GIF by NBC World Of Dance

This is a dumb thread, i just wanted to be a pissant lol
post a bunch of celebration gifs or something, idk
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Which comment was his lucky ticket?

I assume pretty much any of them, after his second topic I put them on ignore, so havent seen any of this Cloud vs Tidus stuff mentioned, but it just always seemed like the lowest quality bait.
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I found basically all the dude's posts to be annoying as fuck and trolly, so I've had them on ignore for a bit, didn't know about that uh..... interesting shot of Cloud he posted. I don't think I've ever seen such a strange, petty hatred of a fictional character. I could understand having a dislike for a key member of a team that took a franchise you love in an awful direction and ruined it, (I abhor Tetsuya Nomura with everything in me as I truly believe he is the least talented hack in the industry who somehow keeps failing upward with his awful character designs, terrible writing, and abysmal ideas, but I digress), but to hate a guy that someone just made up in favor of another guy that someone just made up.....just seems a bit strange.
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