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Opinion: Is The Last of Us Remake Worth $70? (IGN.com)

Is TLOU1 Remake Worth $70 to You?

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Buy the PS4 Remaster instead. It's a very good remaster and has Factions, one of the best multiplayer games ever made
That is £70.00 here in the UK and, no, it is not worth it for a second version (remake rather than remaster admittedly) of a an almost-decade old re-release of a game no-one was asking for. In my opinion, obviously.

This should be £45 at most and ideally £30. £70 is just outright greedy in my view.
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I don't know how or why but the subtitle "In this economy?" made me laugh out loud.

It's worth it for many people. For the ones that it isn't they will wait for the price to go down to buy them.

Maybe we should be asking if Switch games from 2017 are still worth 50 dollars...
🔥 I can't feed myself, buy I want to buy a game if it's 50$ instead of 70$ 🔥

I don't think that the economy should be part of the arguments.

I honestly am on the fence, I find 70$ for games is a lot of money... In Canada, where I live we end up spending about 100$ once the taxes are added to the price.

This is a lot, even for a very good game.... And we can get "older" Sony games from the ps4 gen for less with the discounts, even the ps5 versions.

So it's kinda hard to swallow.
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Some games arguably are. Smash Bros. Ultimate, Skyrim, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Halo MCC. But not one that’s a remake of a re-release minus the MP. The sequel had more work put in, and was $60.

Feels like they’re charging us for their training on PS5 hardware.

No way are skyrim and Halo MCC worth $70. What sort of craziness is that. MCC was a remake of rereleases too aswell. And the only reason the Nintendo games are worth that to me is because they retain their value relatively well.

Data Ghost

I have played the first game enough, but at a low enough price I might have taken a look. £70 is just taking the p though...unless you have never played the original of course.
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