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Ori profitable after one week. Moon Studios working on new projects.

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Most of our Tech guys were still super busy on the patch and the design team is busy testing the current builds - There's a lot of good stuff happening there and the patch should be released very, very soon.

Apart from interviews, post mortems, etc., I'm also dabbling around with a few prototypes. There are 5 potential things we have in the oven right now (spanning from smaller to _huge_ projects) and I'd love to talk about these games, but as usual, we have to keep things secret for a while longer. We like a good secret as much as the next guy ;) Some other people just came back from their well-deserved vacations, so I think it's all good :)

We also started acquiring some new talent and I'm super excited to see them do work for us. I think a lot of people are really interested in our way of working, the 'virtual office' kinda thing, etc. - and I think a lot of people are just super hungry to work on passion projects instead of doing work on the, without trying to sound disrespectful, 'factory games'.

Business-wise, Ori was already profitable a week after release and Microsoft is super happy, so we'll see about Ori's future :)


Was about to make this thread actually. Congrats to the team at Moon Studious! Job well done, my favorite game on XBO.
Please release title for PS4.


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Congrats to the devs.

My PC is busted so no Ori for me for a couple of weeks, but looking forward to playing it


Woooooooo! I haven't had the chance to play it yet, but hoping to pick it up on Steam over the summer. Really glad it has gotten the reception it has. Game looks incredible.


Please release title for PS4.
Blatant port begging by someone notorious for disliking Xbox AND with a playstation avatar?


Ot: excellent news. I actually won this game in a Twitter contest but I'm about to buy it just to support them.


Congratulations to Moon Studios. Very well deserved.

Can't wait to see what's next and I hope that Kart Racing concept Thomas was working on goes somewhere.


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They did release it on PC so it's not like buying an Xbone is your only option the way it is for other exclusives.

I actually didn't know it was released on PC.

But I'd prefer to play it on Xbox One - of which I am supposedly ''notorious'' for not liking apparently.
What has my avatar got to do with anything?

Ori sounds excellent so why wouldn't I like to see Moon release a multiplatform game.

Next time, try harder darling.

Because it's a Microsoft game? Same reaction would happen if somebody with a Microsoft avatar walked into a Bloodborne thread and said release it on XB1.


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good to see them getting profit. thought the 2d style + difficulty would mean instant bomb.


The truck is being backed up to Moon hopefully. As long as they stay hungry, humble, and take their time they will be great for years. Hats off and well deserved.

Also I dont see anything wrong with asking for their NEXT project to be on PS4.....


What has my avatar got to do with anything?

Ori sounds excellent so why wouldn't I like to see Moon release a multiplatform game.

Next time, try harder darling.

Why would you even ask thou? It's owned by Microsoft. Xbox and PC only.

Ah no, I know that Ori is a Microsoft IP.

But Moon aren't developing exclusively for Microsoft, are they?

What? You asked for them to bring Ori to PS4. Even if they're not an exclusive developer, they could never port that game to PS4.

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judging fromk the posts I see that it's xbox only... is there a pc version or is it only on xbox?

EDIT: NVM I see that is is too
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