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Timeless, beautiful, stunning.

I hadn't seen your Metroid piece yet. Incredible.
ninj4junpei said:
Lovely work. I'll agree with your assesment that sidescrollers lose something when going 3D, more so than a top down game.
If only there was an old game where he could do both overhead and sidescrolling views...

(hint: Actraiser)

I really love the first one, I think it's best of them all. And if you are making more of these neat HD remakes then make one from Rocket Knight Adventure :) Pretty please.


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The LTTP, super metroid and Mega Man X wallpapers are my favorites. I really wouldn't be so down on the zelda one. It's probably your best.

Can't wait to see the CV one.


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Wow. I especially love the last Mario one where he's moving in 2D on a 3D plane. I can imagine playing it and it feels awesome in my mind. The Zelda one looks too much like LttP with WW Link and a nice rain-blur thrown in. I'd like to see something a bit more original for such a significant title.

Since you love 2D, here are some ideas that most people would 'get':

1. Contra
2. Master Blaster
3. Punch-Out!!
4. Dragon Quest
5. Final Fantasy
6. Wizards n Warriors

I'd personally love a new take on Crystalis, but I'm a dreamer.
Thx for the support guys !

Despite that the chat on my problem don't really begin yet:lol

May i propose an other subject ! About the castlevania project. I found a good reference for what i think is the very essence of castlevania Backgrounds. It's the Bussaco palace in Portugal. Wuuld you have other ideas for references ?
badcrumble said:
If you put out a Chrono Trigger one that looks as good as the LTTP art you'll bring half the posters on GAF to tears.
I'd definitely second this notion!

The scene that immediately comes to mind would be the Trial of Crono. There is a lot of good detail in the original scene, and it isn't top down. I won't link pictures cause it isn't my webspace but just doing a Google Image search for "chrono trigger trial" gives a good few pics on the first page. I didn't even remember the gigantic stained-glass in the background...
I agree with you that the top down view Zelda one isn't so interesting. Completely disagree with people who thinks thats the best one (I think its the worst one). However, the two Mario ones are gorgeous. I would kill to one day play a 2d Mario game in the style of your art from the one with the goombas.


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Fucking incredible. Seen them before, and they still wow me.

The LttP one is one of my favorites. I wouldn't say it's in any way worse, or less interesting at all. Just different. 2 things you portray very well are movement and action, and the interplay of light in the dark. The Zelda one doesn't have much of either, and yet I still adore it.
Thread is stamped with my seal of awesome. Also, gotta love getting that mention for your Green Hill Zone redux Orioto. Well done! :D

Also, if you're looking for new references, Super Mario land 2 needs more love.


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I'll use my own megalomania to assume that me, a veritable nobody, using your awesome work as his new desktop means something. So here you go. Feel proud.

zoku88 said:
Any chance of getting the first one at higher resolutions? :(

So beautiful, but too small for me
There is a 1920*1080 one on the same page, isn't that enough? Look for the screen icon/download option on the left side of the deviantart page.

And by the way, beautiful work Orioto, I downloaded The Mickey & Donald and also the Zelda one.
I know it's something entirely different, but you could also try to 2D-ify 3D games.

Like, for example, remake a scene from the game Bioshock in your fantastic 2D style. That would be really cool, and something different, which is good.
SnakeXs said:
I'll use my own megalomania to assume that me, a veritable nobody, using your awesome work as his new desktop means something. So here you go. Feel proud.

Deathspell Omega:D

On topic: I have the Bullet Bill one as wallpaper on my laptop. Looks sweet