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Rachel redeemed, wow :O

Dammit Siobhan. That death was really sad. Don't give a shit about Gracie but S. was one of the best characters <3

Nice to have Felix back and get some of the spotlight with his art show, even though the paintings all revolved around his sisters.
Most female secondary characters exist solely in relation to the male lead. For once, we get the opposite... I'm fine with that. :p

I'm also not fond of the way they've neutered Helena this season. She's a trained assassin and she gets restrained in five seconds by a couple of Neolution thugs. Okay.
To be fair she's like 13 months pregnant

Seriously, I'm confused about the timeline now
I've just absolutely loved these last two episodes. Especially the most recent one. While I could sense something bad about to happen at the end, Felix's art show was just so much more fun to watch than I ever expected it to be.

Furthermore, it just cemented Tatiana's incredible prowess at building these clones into such thoroughly distinct characters. I loved it!
To be fair she's like 13 months pregnant

Seriously, I'm confused about the timeline now
First 3 seasons happen in the span of about 2 months. Then there's a time skip when Sarah goes to Antarctica for like half a year. Then the rest happens again in a month or two.

Not saying their timeline makes any damn sense at all when you cram all those events in, but that's pretty much what it is.
When I was catching up on Orphan Black season 1 as season 2 was coming up at the time (or something like that), the timeline was way easier to follow along with. I think the gaps between seasons (pretty much a year) really screws up the flow.
They should've thrown in accelerated aging as a thing to explain Kira aging like four years over the course of a year or however the hell long it's been in the show's timeline. That's the price of having children in roles of any significance.
They should've thrown in accelerated aging as a thing to explain Kira aging like four years over the course of a year or however the hell long it's been in the show's timeline. That's the price of having children in roles of any significance.
Kira's looked about the same up until now.

Charlotte's looked about the same, maybe taller now.
New episode

One Fettered Slave; Sarah learns that Helena has been kidnapped; Clone Club bands together to find Helena before her babies are born.
I don't think he officially died on screen, but he was glitching pretty bad at the point that he decided to stay with Susan's dead body instead of leave with Cosima.

Yeah that was weird I assume that was either due to availability or they needed a kid who could speak Ukrainian.
They essentially didn't want to put the pressure on her to do what Tat does. She was hired originally to play young Rachel so they had her continue to play young Rachel. Helena is a completely different beast and they wanted to cast someone specifically for that. She was younger too, which lets them get away with it a bit more.

Still could have tried making her look a bit more like Charlotte... :p

Anyway, damn, Helena's hardcore. I love when that noise music starts every time she commits violence. <3

Now that I think of it... I think this is the first time I've seen a scene with a masturbating woman on regular TV. o_O
I thought they were going to break my heart (again) with Helena this week, but thankfully she went all sistra on Coady's ass.

Art really stepped it up this week. Seems like they're setting him up to go mano a mano with his "partner" in the finale.

I didn't really have a problem with young Helena; yeah, there was a visual difference, but I thought she really captured Helena's spirit and mannerisms.

I can't believe it's almost over.
Series finale

To Right the Wrongs of Many; Helena takes shelter behind enemy lines, and Sarah and Art struggle to protect her and end the siege.
That was exactly the kind of ending I wanted. Get the conspiracy shit out of the way early and just hang with the girls for a while.

edit: oh shit, their twitter account pointed out the background stick figures in the poster are the amount of Ledas in the world
I really liked the finale a lot. Definitely the right call to finish wrapping up the thriller/conspiracy thing about half way in and give a nice long epilogue of sorts for the girls to have a proper ending together. Sarah facing off with PT and then Helena giving birth was a nice focus for the first half. And then what I wanted most was just a happy ending for the core four clones and I got it. I'm happy with how things ended.

I remember what a fun surprise the first episode was and it took me for quite a ride that first season. I loved it. Tatiana's performance has just been sensational. Her and the first season will be my fondest memories of the show. I did enjoy these last two seasons quite a bit as well. 2 and 3 were a bit messy for me and blend together a bit in my mind. I will definitely miss the show and seeing Tatiana as all the clones. Glad it went out on such a good note.
Yeah, all around I thought it was a really emotional and satisfying end to the series. The Helena birth scene and all of the sisters around Allison's backyard were really great. Also loved the names Helena picked for her boys.

So glad Tatiana won an Emmy for her role(s), 5 seasons of the show and it's still amazing her performance as all the clones.


Hunky Nostradamus
Great finale. As others have said, it was pretty much the perfect ending - the PT/Virginia/Neolution stuff was smartly dealt with in the first half so the rest of the episode could focus on the Sestras. Every character got a great ending (I appreciated that they didn't betray the integrity of the story and have Rachel join Clone Club for the sake of it) and there weren't any notable loose ends that were left dangling.

edit: oh shit, their twitter account pointed out the background stick figures in the poster are the amount of Ledas in the world

And can't believe Hot Dead Paul and Sarah's Alive Hot Baby Daddy didn't get a callback the whole season.
Paul got enough attention when he was on the show and also got a good ending, so I don't feel that he needed a shoutout, but it was definitely weird that no one mentioned Cal especially seeing as how they were hinting at him being involved in the larger conspiracy somehow. I haven't seen the creators even mention him in interviews, which is definitely disappointing.


Hunky Nostradamus
Cal mention!

TVLINE | Where is Cal? Is he still in Iceland?

MANSON | He’s doing whatever Khaleesi tells him to do.

TVLINE | On that note, you got a lot of fun characters back this season for flashbacks. Were there actors like Michiel Huisman that you wanted to get back, but couldn’t?

MANSON | Yeah, sure. Anybody who wasn’t there was somebody we couldn’t get back. [Laughs] But listen, you can’t get everybody. Particularly some of the male supporting cast who were love interests to, for instance, Sarah or Helena. At the end of the day, when we were boiling it down with Tatiana [Maslany], it was like, these girls’ story does not need to be supported by a male romantic interest. The tightening and the closing down and the finishing of these women, it’s about a sisterhood, motherhood and family. For instance, after everything they’ve been through, do you think Helena really needs a boyfriend? No, she needs her sisters. What’s more important? I think we focused it quite thoughtfully that way.

I get them not wanting to tie everyone down with a love interest, but I still would have liked to know what their plans for Cal were.
Great finale. Tatiana Maslany gave a performance that will probably never be topped, due to both her talent and the nature of the show.

Loved the Donnie striptease for the dadbod fans.
That was a pretty good finale, they wrapped pretty much addressed everything without it being wrapped up too neatly. Like others said, it was the right decision to wrap up the Neolution stuff early because frankly it was the worst part of the show. The appeal of the show was the sisterhood so its fitting that the last dilemma was solved with them coming together to help lift each other up.

Helena named the show?!?!
Yea that was kinda dumb but they didn't linger on it too long.
Finished everything. Burned through 8-10.

Brief thoughts on episode 9:

Castor went out not with a bang but with a whimper. Reminds me of how much potential that storyline had that's only really half-realized in the end. Mark getting played after Gracie bites the dust was just cruel, but is almost typical for Orphan Black.

Helena flashbacks were great, though it was a very odd choice not using the same actress portraying the Clones' younger selves. Not crazy jarring, but I couldn't help but think sticking with Cynthia Galant would've been better.

Episode 10:

Thank god they only really gave the conspiracy side half an episode. I really liked the focus on the sisters after everything. Each character got their endings as appropriate to them.

Sara trying not to be a screw up (but screwing up, but trying not to!) is a good compromise for her character. She isn't completely changed, and she's still dealing with losing S.

Rachel flipping to Sara's side silently is also a good end to her arc. She isn't suddenly in Clone Club, either. I thought her character, especially as this season went on, was the most interesting of all the main clones. Writers really played up her vulnerabilities and that's where Rachel's character shines, especially with her kinks. I would've liked to see a final scene of her and Sara talking, though obviously not in the direction of being friends. Being a silent informant works out well.

Cosima and Delphine saving the clones around the world is cool as hell. Give me an extra 1-hour episode of this.

Helena naming her kids Arthur and Donnie is perfect. The final shot with the camera briefly showing the grave she made for her eggs in the nitrogen container was a nice touch.

So, "Orphan Black" is the name of Helena's memoir, which she wrote in Ukrainian and was translating in English as she was reading it. Does that make "Orphan Black" her rough translation from Ukrainian to English (hence "that's a dumb title")? Or is it intentional? It makes sense as is, as Cosima says.

I'll maybe add in more thoughts, but all in all, a great ending.