|OT| NEOGAF Pick-Up Post! Show Us Your Gaming Goods + more [Your images only]


I preordered this dec 10 2021 the last of my limited run games finally turned up, no more outstanding orders from them as i can't justify waiting well over a year for something especially as the game was finished last year but with collectors editions they take their sweet time with no urgency in completing them.

As this game is so weird & totally me i couldn't resist the collectors edition, i do enjoy that they troll you as you open the box making it look like there's nothing there.

When crimzon clover everntually turns up i'll not be using first press games either anymore it's crazy how long they are holding onto peoples money for constantly moving the release dates, im patient but it's starting to wear thin. I'm at the point where i'll just pay the extra on the price and buy off resellers on ebay for remaining limited run stuff i want or from other limited producers. least super rare have their stuff in hand, no waiting a year.
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