[OT] This Winnie the Pooh Flash Game is Way Too Hard for Its Target Audience


The goal is to make the indicated amount of homeruns with a set amount of pitches and fouls/non homeruns will subtract from the amount of pitches you have. Each level has a increased amount of homeruns with increasing difficulty of pitches. And at the level select screen there is a button for upgrades.

The First few levels are not too bad then there is a huge spike in difficulty. Who coded this game?
Okay the kangaroo throwing bouncing pitches is complete BS. I was owning the game up until that point then struck out on almost every single pitch.
Addictive little game, I like it. I'd buy something like this on iOS/Android a couple dollars.

Btw, is Pooh supposed to be moving around slightly or is something up with my mouse? I mean he moves even when I'm not touching my mouse
Got to third stage, was overcome with a terrible urge to hunt and murder children

want to beat piglet with the baseball bat. Fuck you piglet.