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Out of nowhere, the first new Links golf title in 17 years releases on Steam.

SF Kosmo

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So here's an odd one. With little fanfare or notice, a new Links golf title launches on Steam. The title is developed by TruGolf, a developer formed after the dissolution of the original dev, Access Software/Indie Built, by pretty much the same staff, so this isn't just the name coming back, it's a legitimate continuation by the original devs. TruGolf is also essentially a sister label for Big Finish Games, the developers of Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect.

The title is free to play, without any obnoxious microtransaction, just paid expansions for additional course (with 5 available in the free version).

After doing some research, it appears that TruGolf recently reacquired the rights to the Links series and that this title is based on their existing E6 Golf sim used for their peripheral-based home golf sims. They have also re-released some of the classic Links titles on GOG last week, so it's nice to see these games out of licensing limbo. This follows the similar journey they company took with their other big series, Tex Murphy, which was also lost in a licensing limbo for years before Big Finish/TruGolf had their rights restored.

I haven't played the game yet. It looks similar to the classic titles, with a three click, timing based interface. I can't speak to it's quality but it's interesting to see a formerly big series like this reappear out of nowhere like this.

SF Kosmo

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Candy Corn Aficionado
Thanks for posting this. I have very fond memories of Links and this looks like it has some potential.


I remember this on the Original Xbox, it was a much better game than the Tiger Woods game at the time, I thought it'd just become the Club tbh

SF Kosmo

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Doubt it'll live up to 2004.
I think it's a much more indie effort, tbh. The menus and presentation leave a lot to be desired in this, but the actual game itself is pretty solid and really does feel a lot like the classic PC Links games, with the same three click swing mechanism.
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