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Outriders Review Thread [77 OC, 78 MC]


Well I gave the demo the try and actually liked it. It was in the "it's so bad that it's good" category. The cutscenes, dialogue, and story are bad but entertaining for it's "unintended" humor. Probably gonna buy this once I get some free time from the other titles that I am playing.


Games awesome and I love the story and skip story related stuff in 99% of games I play. Had no idea about this game as I threw in the towel of anything good coming out during covid times. Checked it out of game pass and the perfect filler as I wait for PoE's next season to start.


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Unstable and mediocre but not bad.
The perk system is arguably the best i ever played in a shlooter, nothing mediocre about it.

Same for how fun and diversified are the class, in comparison the classes in destiny and division are deep as a puddle.

It has a lot of mediocre stuff, not gonna lie.


Really enjoying the gameplay so far. So much so, I think Gears 6 now has an even greater challenge on their hands to come up with some fresh gameplay ideas.
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