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Ouya (the company) up for sale

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The sale should happen soon if it's going to happen.

Fortune said:
Gaming company OUYA is on the auction block after tripping a debt covenant, according to a confidential email sent out earlier this month from CEO Julie Uhrman to company investors and advisors.

Investment bank Mesa Global — which recently managed the sale of music service Songza to Google GOOG -0.27% — has been hired to manage the process. No word yet on asking price.

OUYA originally raised $15 million in Series A funding in early 2013 from investors like Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield Fund, Occam Partners, Shasta Ventures and NVIDIA NVDA 0.18% . Not too long after, it quietly secured some venture debt from TriplePoint Capital.

It is unclear exactly how much was lent by TriplePoint, except that it must have been more than the $10 million that OUYA raised just two months ago from Alibaba BABA 0.06% . Debt restructuring negotiations were unsuccessful. In her memo, Uhrman writes: “Given our debtholder’s timeline, the process will be quick. We are looking for expressions of interest by the end of this month.”

Source: http://fortune.com/2015/04/28/exclusive-gaming-startup-ouya-needs-to-find-a-buyer-quickly/


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I'm probably the only one legit sad about this news :/ My Ouya is a great little emulator box. Would have loved to see an Ouya 2 with more power under the hood


They started off in a carpark outside of E3 and they've probably ended up in a carpark outside of Walmart, this must be one of those circle of life things that people go on about.


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Have two OUYAs, they're used every day as the satellites for our XBMC setup. Sorry to see the company go, but they put out a neat little device.


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Would Amazon? It removes one of their competitors what with their small console-thing.

I doubt Ouya has been successful enough to be called a 'competitor' for anyone.

I can't really see anyone being interested. I mean, I guess they have a degree of infrastructure in place, but nothing that a company like Amazon or Tencent couldn't do themselves in a couple of months.
Is OnLive still around? Maybe the Ouya can become their new official micro console? The Ouya OnLive Network aka TOON™!!!
i keed, i keed!


I'm not really sure what reason Amazon has to buy them. This competitor seems to have taken itself out already, and I don't think they own any of the IPs on the Ouya store?
I'm probably the only one legit sad about this news :/ My Ouya is a great little emulator box. Would have loved to see an Ouya 2 with more power under the hood

Couldn't you arguably build a modestly powered PC and get the same form and emulator function you're looking for and beyond? It's the main reason I don't understand why people really wanted this smaller "open" device in the first place when a PC could do the same.


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I never had any interest in the Ouya, but I feel bad, because I know some good people that work there, and I worry about what's going to become of them.
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