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Overall, do you think the Disney+ MCU shows were a good or bad idea?


They were a good idea they just completely whiffed the execution due to bad writing and poor production.

I still stand by a darkhold redeemers show being the best thing they could have done in an alternate timeline where Marvel Studios still cared about what they were doing.
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Very Bad.

Massive oversaturation of the IP, with the endless churn leading to less curated, less focused, and more sloppy storytelling.
The fact most profitable movie genre in the world right now is about one dimensional characters wearing spandex tells you all you need about humanity.
Star Wars didn’t fail because of IP saturation, it failed because it didn’t have Batman in it.


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The movies sure, the TV shows have been surprisingly unique. The winter soldier one and the Hawkeye were standard cut down movie fare, but the others are often pretty weird.

Whatever floats your boat. If you like it then that's great. I'm sure it's not all shit, but I really can't muster up any enthusiasm to invest more hours into the MCU.


I wouldn't subscribe to Disney+ otherwise, so it's a good commercial decision (at least for me).

I have watched every show. I liked Falcon & The Winter Soldiers, What If?, Hawkeye and Moon Knight. I didn't like WandaVision (worst show for me), Loki and Miss Marvel. 4/7, not really good, but not bad.

I really like the fact that those TV Shows are short. Miss Marvel was just 6 episodes of 38 minutes (when you skip recap/credits), I watched it in two days. So even if I didn't like the show, I don't have any problem with it.

Finally, as someone who watch every Marvel, DC and Sony superheroes movie... I'm fine with more superheroes content ^^.

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MCU has been better than Star Wars even though Mandalorian is the best show of either ip.

Wandavision was really good. Falcon and Winter Soldier was also stellar.


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Good idea. I really enjoyed

What if

Falcon and the winter fairy was ok.


Very Bad.

Massive oversaturation of the IP, with the endless churn leading to less curated, less focused, and more sloppy storytelling.

Nothing is being made for genuine creative reasons. It’s all being stamped out on a factory production line, to flog both Disney Plus subscriptions and merchandise.

It‘s a dilution and decay of what was once an incredibly well thought out and executed narrative… because the mouse gotta have every last cent in your wallet.

Sloppy storytelling is the sole reason. It was the reason for the Eternals and Thor L&T disappointing and they were movies. Ironically these 2 would have been better in an 8 episode format (plus a better script). SHIELD was an awesome show the that used bottom of the barrel Marvel lore and had 20+ episodes per-season.

Marvel are just not picking the proper arcs for the TV.
The guys running Disney as a whole are just losers who knew the right people and say the trendy things.


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Anytime there is a new show. I feel “great more homework.” For one five second callback.
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The idea wasn't bad. Marvel was and still is very popular and the TV format could allow them to work on some of the issues of the movie, like adding better character development.
They got me to subscribe to Disney+ for a few months which I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

But the execution has been quite lacking IMO. And at this point I'm over them, out of all the stuff they have announced at most I'll check out Loki S2.
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OP i feel like you.
I'm not interested in the marvel shows. Before I own all the mcu on 4k blu rays from Ironman to ant man and wasp (and the spidermans) but none since and perinatal going forward for most. Having to watch TV shows I'm not interested in. I tried but got bored quickly, everything about them just meh.
I won't go to the theaters anymore for their movies because I know I'll be lost in them. So won't buying them either

Otoh I do like most the star wars shows but only got 2 episodes into obi Wan before quitting it.


I'd like a candid behind the scenes documentary on Disney airing on Disney+

The first 30 mins is a dramatic reading of tweets about Kathleen Kennedy and senior executives.


North American kids of every generation laughed at adults that couldn't keep up. Telethons were a thing back in my day, but today it's probably more about GoFundMe 🎻
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Marvel haters have muscular dytrophy. :messenger_musical:
I hate Marvel give me a fork



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It's been a good idea, IMO

I loved Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, WandaVision, Moon Knight, liked Falcon, Loki... Looking forward to She-Hulk...

I get to have a show to watch every couple of months. Ms. Marvel was a pleasant surprise and I cried in a few spots. I loved the focus on the friends and family...


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The MCU shows gave us the best inside of the blip, though, when Yelena disappeared and came back just “a second” later. Haunting scene!


Who knows. It does feel kind of lame compared to the years of build up to infinity war and endgame.

I liked Wandavision until the ending. I liked loki okay. Falcon & TWSS suckkkked (w/ the exception of U.S agent).

Tapped out of moon knight within minutes and have no interest in any of the other shit.

Feels like padding until the heavy hitter movies come out.


Enjoyed the first couple of MCU phase movies but haven’t even watched any of the TV shows save for an episode of Moon Knight but that was about it.

If there’s an audience for it then great but I’m only really interested in the main Marvel superheroes.
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