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Event Overwatch 2: a stream will take place next week


Mar 19, 2019
Blizzards approach to balancing seems pretty ham-fisted. They'll try a bunch of nerfs and buffs, but the final solution is always cutting options or features, whether it's removing the ability to pick duplicate heroes, limiting the number of players per role, or simply cutting the number of tanks per team to get around the fact that dual tanks tends to turn the game into a shield-stacking snoozefest.
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Jul 30, 2019
Nice dlc blizzard
done adam sandler GIF
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Nov 11, 2020
Yeah, I gave up on Overwatch because of the predatory loot boxes, the FOMO skins, and all the atrocious monetization schemes.
Fuck this game, fuck the sequel. It lost its charm.

Do Not Want. You want to hide your skins behind a time-limited event that you can never get again, well fuck you Blizzard Activision. I used to be a fan, but never again.
Probably one of the complains I understand the least. You can literally get the skins again, if you wait for next years event. Hell during the Anniversary event you can get all the skins. Grind loot box, earn currency, spend currency to get the skins you want. I had all the skins I wanted, and never spent a dime. Yeah it sucked when I missed the Holloween Mercy Skin, but then next year I got it. You just save up the currency that lootboxes occasionally give, and you can buy the rng skin you want instead of hoping it drops from lootboxes.

This isn't quite as true now that they've added overwatch league skins. Those suck, and you either need to pony up money for those skins, or watch overwatch league streams to earn currency to buy those skins. And I don't think those ones come back when they are gone. But firstly these aren't in lootboxes they are just dlc, secondly no one complains about this, everyone complains about their experience when the game came out and they missed a single skin from an event that has literally returned every year. The game has some of the best lootboxes imo (That isn't saying alot, its saying its the best of the worst)

What really fucking sucks is that season pass shit games do now. Where if you want a skin you have to pay 20$ for the season pass, and then level your pass up to 100, by either playing day and night non stop, or by spending more money. And if you missed it, too bad it's gone.
Stop complaining about Overwatch lootboxes, start complaining about Season Passes.
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Unconfirmed Member
I've told people this before, and now it's time to tell you: If you're buying this for PvP, you're being a fool. The massive RPG PvE mode is what resources are being dumped into and it's probably why they had to upgrade the engine/call it part 2. From all of the dev videos and even the showcase during Blizzcon a couple years ago that had Pro League Players showing off PvE, it was very clear to most people that PvE is their primary focus for OW2.

Yep, but then again if you own the original and only want to play PvP, it's free, so...
Also true, and proves my point even more.
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