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Overwatch Competitive/Ranked Play information


I posted this in the previous thread regarding golden weapons in Overwatch, but thought that this might warrant its own. The following is based on Korea's OW PTR and reveals information on competitive play among other things.

Controller settings
- Option to allow swapping the left and right analog sticks and invert aim.

Social settings
- Option to filter who can join your lobby and who can invite you to lobbies (I am presuming this means you can filter by everyone and friends).
- Option to show real names of your friends instead of their ID's.
- Option to have offline friends viewable in friends list.

Custom game settings
- Option to select game type (Quick Match, Competitive, Practice).
- Option to select number of wins to end match (single round, best out of 3, best out of 5).

Icon for competitive when clicking "Play" in OW:

- The 0/10 is for placement (e.g. you need to play 10 games in competitive to get your initial ranking).
- The purple and yellow horizontal tab say "Season 1."

Information tab on competitive play:

- States that 10 games needed for placement.
- Competitive rank # starts from 1 and caps at 100.
- Competitive rank will increase/decrease based on wins/losses.

- Competitive play has multiple rounds for each game type.
- Achieving the objective gains your teams points.
- The team with the most points wins. In the event of a tie, there will be a "round winner" match (I think this means "sudden death").

- 3 months for each season.
- Gain competitive play-only rewards for participating.
- Need to replay 10 games each season for initial ranking.

Image regarding competitive play rewards:

- Gain competitive play-only rewards for participating. The photo shows a player icon, spray, and competitive points (the new currency, I presume).
- The date below shows the date the season ends.

Edit: More information added, fixed images.
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