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Overwatch |OT| My Onlywatch Has Ended

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Dance Inferno

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Dec 30, 2008

DEVELOPER - Blizzard Entertainment | RELEASE DATE - May 23, 2016 | PLATFORMS - PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Huge thanks to ExMachina for working on the beautiful art for this OT!

Overwatch is Blizzard’s first new IP in 19 years and is a multiplayer FPS that pits two teams of 6 against each other in short, objective-based modes. The game is releasing for next-gen consoles and PC, and will launch with 4 multiplayer modes: 3 asymmetrical (one team attacks, one team defends) and 1 symmetrical (king of the hill). 21 heroes will be available at launch, each having unique abilities to choose from and fitting a specific role: Offense, Defense, Support, and Tank. Heroes have 2-3 abilities and an ultimate, which is charged up by doing damage to enemy heroes (it also charges up slowly over time). All abilities function on a cooldown and do not cost any resources to use, so you are free to use your abilities whenever they are off cooldown. There is also no ammo to pick up or run out of. You do have to reload when your clip runs out, but you have an unlimited supply of ammo. This helps focus the players on playing the objective rather than rationing their ammo during intense firefights.

What makes Overwatch unique is its hero selection and switching mechanic. There is no limit to the number of duplicate heroes in a match, so 6v6 Winston matches are possible and, in fact, highly recommended! Not only that, but a core mechanic of Overwatch is the ability to switch heroes in the middle of a game. This allows teams to change tactics on the fly as a match is progressing, and often a change in team composition can be the impetus for breaking through a defending team’s chokepoint or halting an attacking team’s push!​

Overwatch takes place in a fictionalized version of Earth, in which humanity lives alongside a race of robots called the Omnics. However, this peace was not to last. 30 years before the start of the game, the Omnics, many of whom were military peacekeeping robots, went rogue and turned against humanity. This marked the beginning of the Omnic Crisis.

In response, the United Nations scoured the world for the best that humanity could offer and formed an elite strike team called Overwatch. With its strength and expertise, Overwatch managed to beat back the Omnics and end the Omnic Crisis. This ushered in a new era in which Overwatch expanded into a global peacekeeping force, operating all over the world. Over the next 30 years, Overwatch grew to become a vast coalition of the world’s best soldiers and scientists and was revered all over the planet.

Under the surface, however, cracks were beginning to form. Accusations of human rights abuses began to surface, strife between members of the group led to an internal civil war, and a UN investigation along with an explosion at the Swiss headquarters led to Overwatch being officially disbanded. The world had lost the organization that saved it so many years ago, and all its members went their separate ways...

Until now. The world is once again in peril. Dark forces threaten world peace. The world needs its heroes. Are you ready?

Click on the images for links to the animated shorts / comics.

Overwatch will launch with 12 maps split across 4 competitive modes. All future maps will be free to everyone who owns the game.

Attackers have to capture point A, which the defenders must defend. If point A is captured, the defenders fall back to point B and the attackers get a time extension. If point B is captured, the attackers win. If time runs out, the defenders win.
  • Temple of Anubis (Egypt)
  • Hanamura (Japan)
  • Volskaya Industries (Russia)

Attackers must escort a payload from the beginning of the map to the end. The payload only moves when attackers are nearby; it stops moving as soon as a defender stands near it. Each map has a number of checkpoints that give the attackers a time extension. If the clock reaches zero, the defenders win.
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory)
  • Dorado (Mexico)
  • Route 66 (United States)

A combination of the Assault and Escort modes. The attacking team must capture a point that is protected by the defending team. If the point is captured, a payload is spawned and must be escorted to the end of the map. Time is extended upon point capture and upon the payload reaching checkpoints within the map.
  • King’s Row (Great Britain)
  • Numbani (West Africa)
  • Hollywood (United States)

The only symmetrical mode in Overwatch. Two teams fight to control a central location on the map. Once it is captured, it slowly ticks up from 0 to 100 for the team that holds it. Whichever team reaches 100 first wins the round. Each map has 3 different rounds set in different areas of the map, and the mode is best of 3.
  • Lijiang Tower (China)
  • Ilios (Greece)
  • Nepal (Take a guess)

Heroes are separated into 4 categories, but you will likely see all kinds of heroes in all kinds of matches. In other words, don’t be surprised to see defense heroes on offense, and offense heroes on defense. Overwatch is designed first and foremost around its heroes, and the interplay between them is what creates the most hectic and fun situations in the game! Certain heroes will also speak to each other in-game, revealing their personal histories and the lore of the Overwatch universe as you play! All future heroes will be free to everyone who owns the game.

These are heroes that specialize in doing damage and taking out the enemy team. You will want them on offense to break through chokepoints and capture the objective, but you may also want a few on defense in order to hold back the attacking team.
  • Genji (Japan)
  • McCree (United States)
  • Pharah (Egypt)
  • Reaper (United States)
  • Soldier: 76 (United States)
  • Tracer (Great Britain)

These are the heroes that specialize in zone denial, long range damage, or fortifying an area. Basically, their job is to make it difficult for the attacking team to advance. However, don’t be surprised to see them on attack, as their crowd control abilities can be useful in many situations.
  • Bastion (Omnic)
  • Hanzo (Japan)
  • Junkrat (Australia)
  • Mei (China)
  • Torbjörn (Sweden)
  • Widowmaker (France)

These are the damage sponges, the initiators, and the front line fighters. They take damage so their team doesn’t have to, and they allow their teammates to flank and do their jobs more effectively. Every team needs a good tank if it hopes to successfully withstand a match.
  • D.Va (South Korea)
  • Reinhardt (Germany)
  • Roadhog (Australia)
  • Winston (Horizon Lunar Colony)
  • Zarya (Russia)

Don’t call them healers! Yes, support characters provide healing, but in Overwatch they are so much more than just that! In addition to putting out decent damage, supports can provide AOE speed boosts to help teams reach objectives quicker, fly around the level providing damage buffs to their damage dealers, and set up mini-turrets that damage and slow enemies. Don’t be afraid to give them a shot; these are some of the most fun heroes in the game!
  • Lúcio (Brazil)
  • Mercy (Switzerland)
  • Symmetra (India)
  • Zenyatta (Nepal)

  • PRACTICE RANGE - Visit a training area and experiment with your abilities against practice bots. Use this mode to hone your skills or learn a new hero.
  • PLAY/PRACTICE VS A.I. - Play against AI-controlled opponents on any map you choose. Use these modes to try out different maps and learn how multiple heroes work.
  • QUICK PLAY - Square off against other players at your skill level.
  • CUSTOM GAME - Change the rules of the game with custom modifiers (like disallowing heroes, increasing Ultimate ability charge rate, etc.).
  • WEEKLY BRAWL - Take part in experimental matches with rulesets that change each week.
  • COMPETITIVE PLAY - Test your skill against other competitive players and climb the ranks when you win!

As you play games you earn XP, which is applied to your profile after every game. You earn 4 XP for every second you are active in a game, as well as an XP bonus for the highest medal earned in a match. A gold medal is worth 150 XP, a silver medal is worth 100 XP, and a bronze medal is worth 50 XP. If you receive multiple medals, you will only get an XP bonus for the highest medal earned. For example, if you earned 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal, you will only receive an XP bonus of 150 XP. You also receive a 500 XP bonus if you win a match, a 250 XP bonus if you lose a match, a 200 XP bonus if you complete consecutive games in the same lobby, a 1,500 XP bonus for your first win of the day, and a 20% multiplier to all XP gained in a match if you’re grouped up with friends. You do not gain any XP if you quit a match before it ends. In fact, leaving games prematurely will result in a severe penalty in XP gained from future matches.

Every time your profile levels up, you unlock a loot box which contains 4 random cosmetic items. These can include skins, voice lines, sprays, victory poses, profile images, and Play of the Game intros. In typical Blizzard fashion there are rarity tiers for each cosmetic item, which range from common (white) to legendary (orange). You can also sometimes get credits in a loot box, either as its own drop or as the result of a duplicate item. Credits can be used to purchase any cosmetic item for any character, and prices for items vary based on rarity. At the high end, you will need 1,000 credits to purchase a legendary skin.

At low levels, leveling up is quick. The amount of XP required to level up increases until you hit level 23, at which point it remains constant until you hit level 100. You will receive a new portrait frame every 10 levels. At level 100 you are “promoted,” which gives you a new portrait frame theme, resets your level, and resets the XP required to level up. Your cosmetic items are never reset. Overwatch also has achievements, which can be earned for performing various tasks in-game. Certain achievements will unlock general and hero-specific sprays that can be equipped.​

Overwatch Digital Edition ($39.99) - PC / Battle.net only. Includes the base game. All pre-orders receive the Widowmaker Noire skin.

Overwatch: Origins Edition ($59.99) - PC, PS4, XB1. Includes the base game, 5 exclusive skins attainable only through this edition (Bastion, Pharah, Soldier: 76, Reaper, Tracer), and a selection of Blizzard digital goodies (Tracer Hero - Heroes of the Storm, Baby Winston Pet - World of WarCraft, Overwatch Card Back - Hearthstone, Mercy Wings - Diablo III, Player Portraits - StarCraft II). All pre-orders receive the Widowmaker Noire skin.

Overwatch Collector’s Edition ($129.99) - PC, PS4, XB1. Includes everything in the Origins Edition plus a visual sourcebook, soundtrack, and a Soldier: 76 statue. All pre-orders receive the Widowmaker Noire skin.

GAF User ID List (quote to see, tabs at the bottom for PC/PS4/XB1)

Discord Server (quote to see)

PS4 Community: Overwatch GAF Squad​

Q: Is this a MOBA?
A: No.

Q: Are you sure?
A: Yes. It is an objective-based FPS. There are no lanes or minions or towers or leveling up or item builds. You pick a hero, you attack/defend the objective, and that’s all there is to it. The complexity and strategy comes from the interplay between heroes and their abilities, rather than a MOBA’s typically complicated game mechanics.

Q: What are some good beginner heroes to try?
A: Soldier: 76 is a good hero to start with. He plays pretty much exactly like every military shooter out there (left click shoot, shift sprint, right click rocket, aimbot ultimate) and he even has a self-heal. Reinhardt is a good tank to start with as well, since you can help your team simply by throwing up your shield and staying around the objective. On the defensive side, give Torbjörn a shot. He drops a turret which can defend objectives and can provide armor packs to help his teammates. Finally, on support, Lúcio has an always-on AOE heal and high mobility, so he’s a good place to start if you don’t feel comfortable choosing a dedicated healer.

Q: Do you have any tips for a new player?
A: You would be surprised how many people fight near the objective but don’t physically get close enough to move/stop/capture the objective. If you don’t play the objective, you will lose. This is not a team deathmatch; your 20 killstreak is pointless in and of itself. If you camp an attacking team’s spawn for the entire match, but one attacker slips through and stands on the payload, you can lose the game. Conversely, if you spend the entire game chasing the defending team all over the map without physically getting on the objective, you will lose once the clock runs down to zero. It’s also worth noting that the objective captures/moves faster with more players on it, up to a limit of 3 players. So if you see 3 teammates on the objective, feel free to stand a little bit further and protect flanking routes.

Q: Play the objective, got it. Any other tips?
A: Don’t be afraid to switch heroes mid-game if you’re not doing too well. All heroes have hard counters, and you’re expected to adapt your hero choices on the fly if a game isn’t going your way. For example, if there’s a Genji on the other team that’s eating your lunch, consider switching to Mei. He can’t reflect her endothermic blaster (it’s a beam weapon), her wall limits his ability to use his dash as an escape, and her cryo-freeze can protect her from his burst damage when she’s at low health. Learn each hero’s counters and you’ll become a much better player!

Q: Cool, hero switching is important. Anything else?
A: Stick with your team and avoid pushing/defending objectives solo. There is no wave spawning in this game so if you and your teammates die at separate times, you will spawn at separate times. Avoid running back into the fight solo because more than likely you’ll get killed immediately. Wait for your team, group up, and go in as one unit. That will increase your likelihood of success!

Q: Is there a Season Pass?
A: No. Blizzard has announced that all future maps and heroes will be free and available to everyone who owns Overwatch.

Q: Will my unlocks from the Open Beta carry over?
A: No. Everything will be wiped before the game’s launch.

Q: Are there microtransactions?
A: You cannot directly buy skins or poses or other cosmetic items, but Blizzard has stated that they will implement a system that allows players to buy loot boxes with cash. These are the same loot boxes you get for playing games and leveling up, which contain a random assortment of cosmetic items. If you really want a particular skin, you can either level up normally until you eventually get the skin in a loot box, or you can buy loot boxes with cash until you unlock the skin in a box.



He’s not overpowered, he’s just tough for new players to deal with. Once you understand the maps and the match-ups you’ll realize that while he can be a pubstomper at lower skill levels, he is woefully underpowered at higher skill brackets. If you’re having trouble dealing with Bastion in a match, try one of these heroes: Hanzo, Widowmaker, Soldier: 76, Genji, Pharah, Junkrat, Roadhog, Reinhardt. Remember, you can change heroes mid-game for a reason!

A: Again, not an overpowered hero, but tough to deal with when you first play against him. Take out his turret ASAP, preferably from a distance. Or have a tank rush his turret and focus its attention while the rest of your team focuses it down. A Reinhardt or Winston shield can withstand enough of its damage for another teammate to take it out. Without his turret, Torbjörn isn’t a huge threat.​


I can't *believe* these lazy developers keep making file sizes so damn large. Btw, how does technology work?
Apr 25, 2011
Awwwwwww snap!

No waifus in the OP?

Ryo Hazuki

Nov 18, 2013
HERE WE GO! Amazing OT. One of the most fun and addicting experiences playing the beta and I never expected it, can't wait for the full game!


May 28, 2006
This game wasn't even on my radar but seeing how the company pushed the advertising towards this game with their animation shorts, it really got my attention.

I've already preordered the game and I can't wait :)


Apr 25, 2013
Haven't played the beta, don't even know if i'll get this day one due to having to wait until payday, but I love everything surrounding this game. The shorts, Marketing, and the community aspect. All those things tend to make a pretty successful game. I'm sure Blizzard will support this for a long time to come.

Hoping this game has a huge life on PS4 because that's what I'll be getting it on when I eventually do :)
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