Overwatch |OT9| There is no Cow Hero


DEVELOPER - Blizzard Entertainment | RELEASE DATE - May 24, 2016 | PLATFORMS - PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Thanks to exYle for the title and Dance Inferno for the words! And ExMachina for the previous OTs​

Overwatch |OT8| Our love will last Pharah-ver | OW Fanart Thread

Solo queue no more! If you're looking for a group, try joining the Discord server or adding friends from the GAF User ID list.

So, a little bit ago the PC community for OverwatchGAF decided to do some bonding and form weekly sessions of in-house games. These in-house sessions are just a way for everybody to get together and have a fun time playing against each other while possibly learning a thing or two. We just gather whoever we can into a custom server, load up maps, and play some games together. Pretty straightforward, but let's get into some specifics about how we play:

  • We use the competitive mode presets for all of our games. To be blunt, they just are the most fair and balanced ways to play a traditional game of Overwatch, and they last about the right amount of time for what we are doing. We'll all agree to whatever maps we feel like playing on as we go on. If you have a favorite, feel free to suggest it in the lobby.
  • Since there are people all across the world coming to play, server selection can be a bit weird. The best thing we can do at the moment is play on NA east coast servers. It's the best middle ground between the west coast NA players and the EU players. Depending on how regional representation goes, we may end up using an EU server at some point. Since we are trying to keep this open to all regions, this is the best compromise we have. No hard feelings if ping issues don't work out.
  • To create teams, we generally just try our best to figure out how to evenly split people up based on general SR range and roles. Sometimes we mix it up and do something like picking captains, but that's only once in awhile. If teams are blatantly uneven we can just play a match out and then switch them around afterwards. The first few games with new players might be a bit lopsided, but everybody is pretty friendly and open to switching things up.
  • The entire sessions tend to last somewhere between 2-3 hours. If you need to show up a bit late you can hop in at anytime. Once it's over, anybody can form groups or use the server for silly custom games or whatever suites the group.
  • Once the server is full, it's full. There will be spectator slots of people rotating in and out of play, but there is unfortunately a limit to that. People do leave early though, so don't be discouraged to check back with us and see if room opens up.
  • Sometimes these will be streamed, in which case a stream link will be posted in the thread. I never know who might throw a stream up, so just pay attention if you wanna watch.

House Rules:

  • These sessions are for fun games of Overwatch using competitive rules. While this isn't the most "try-hard" thing ever, people are trying to play the game. Coming in and picking troll characters, throwing, or being generally unpleasant will get you removed from the server. This doesn't mean you can't play your main mans Junkrat. This does mean you can't switch to something like attack Torb while down to mess with your team. Save the troll stuff for when your team is in on it.
  • I need to say the opposite as well. nV isn't scouting our in-house games, so don't go off the deep end of tilt or be overbearing to your teammates. We are all trying to win, but that doesn't excuse things such as berating your teammates for making mistakes. Friendly trashtalk with your peers is fine, but remember to keep it in good fun and within boundaries.
  • Needless to say, being an asshat in general will get you removed as well. Sexism, racism, general isms and other things I'd expect everybody to know about. Be nice to each other please.

Sounds Great! How do I join?

We organize basically everything through our Discord: CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Our discord server is very active and moderated. If you're interested in joining the PC in-house games, just come into the server and be around when it's time to start. We'll notify everybody, make a server, and that will be that. We do all of our communication through the discord to get these going, and even use separate channels for team comms. If you don't want to join us in the discord on a day-to-day type basis, that's totally fine. Just remember to pop it open for in-house days so we can know who is available and wanting to play. We always welcome new friends who want to hang out in general though, even if you never play with us T_T. Make sure to come say hi!​

Overwatch is Blizzard's first new IP in 19 years and is a multiplayer FPS that pits two teams of 6 against each other in short, objective-based modes. The game is available on next-gen consoles and PC and currently has 4 multiplayer modes: 3 asymmetrical (one team attacks, one team defends) and 1 symmetrical (king of the hill). There are 22 heroes, each with unique abilities to choose from and fitting a specific role: Offense, Defense, Support, and Tank. Heroes have 2-3 abilities and an ultimate, which is charged up by doing damage to enemy heroes (it also charges up slowly over time). All abilities function on a cooldown and do not cost any resources to use, so you are free to use your abilities whenever they are off cooldown. There is also no ammo to pick up or run out of. You do have to reload when your clip runs out, but you have an unlimited supply of ammo. This helps focus the players on playing the objective rather than rationing their ammo during intense firefights.

What makes Overwatch unique is its hero selection and the ability to switch heroes in the middle of a game. This allows teams to change tactics on the fly as a match is progressing, and often a change in team composition can be the impetus for breaking through a defending team's chokepoint or halting an attacking team's push!​

Overwatch takes place in a fictionalized version of Earth, in which humanity lives alongside a race of robots called the Omnics. However, this peace was not to last. 30 years before the start of the game, the Omnics, many of whom were military peacekeeping robots, went rogue and turned against humanity. This marked the beginning of the Omnic Crisis.

In response, the United Nations scoured the world for the best that humanity could offer and formed an elite strike team called Overwatch. With its strength and expertise, Overwatch managed to beat back the Omnics and end the Omnic Crisis. This ushered in a new era in which Overwatch expanded into a global peacekeeping force, operating all over the world. Over the next 30 years, Overwatch grew to become a vast coalition of the world's best soldiers and scientists and was revered all over the planet.

Under the surface, however, cracks were beginning to form. Accusations of human rights abuses began to surface, strife between members of the group led to an internal civil war, and a UN investigation along with an explosion at the Swiss headquarters led to Overwatch being officially disbanded. The world had lost the organization that saved it so many years ago, and all its members went their separate ways...

Until now. The world is once again in peril. Dark forces threaten world peace. The world needs its heroes. Are you ready?

Click on the images for links to the animated shorts / comics.

Overwatch launched with 12 maps split across 4 competitive modes. All future maps will be free to everyone who owns the game.

Attackers have to capture point A, which the defenders must defend. If point A is captured, the defenders fall back to point B and the attackers get a time extension. If point B is captured, the attackers win. If time runs out, the defenders win.

Attackers must escort a payload from the beginning of the map to the end. The payload only moves when attackers are nearby; it stops moving as soon as a defender stands near it. Each map has a number of checkpoints that give the attackers a time extension. If the clock reaches zero, the defenders win.

A combination of the Assault and Escort modes. The attacking team must capture a point that is protected by the defending team. If the point is captured, a payload is spawned and must be escorted to the end of the map. Time is extended upon point capture and upon the payload reaching checkpoints within the map.

The only symmetrical mode in Overwatch. Two teams fight to control a central location on the map. Once it is captured, it slowly ticks up from 0 to 100 for the team that holds it. Whichever team reaches 100 first wins the round. Each map has 3 different rounds set in different areas of the map, and the mode is best of 3.​

Heroes are separated into 4 categories, but you will likely see all kinds of heroes in all kinds of matches. In other words, don't be surprised to see defense heroes on offense, and offense heroes on defense. Overwatch is designed first and foremost around its heroes, and the interplay between them is what creates the most hectic and fun situations in the game! Certain heroes will also speak to each other in-game, revealing their personal histories and the lore of the Overwatch universe as you play! All future heroes will be free to everyone who owns the game.

These are heroes that specialize in doing damage and taking out the enemy team. You will want them on offense to break through chokepoints and capture the objective, but you may also want a few on defense in order to hold back the attacking team.

These are the heroes that specialize in zone denial, long range damage, or fortifying an area. Basically, their job is to make it difficult for the attacking team to advance. However, don't be surprised to see them on attack, as their crowd control abilities can be useful in many situations.

These are the damage sponges, the initiators, and the front line fighters. They take damage so their team doesn't have to, and they allow their teammates to flank and do their jobs more effectively. Every team needs a good tank if it hopes to successfully withstand a match.

Don't call them healers! Yes, support characters provide healing, but in Overwatch they are so much more than just that! In addition to putting out decent damage, supports can provide AOE speed boosts to help teams reach objectives quicker, fly around the level providing damage buffs to their damage dealers, and set up mini-turrets that damage and slow enemies. Don't be afraid to give them a shot; these are some of the most fun heroes in the game!

  • PRACTICE RANGE - Visit a training area and experiment with your abilities against practice bots. Use this mode to hone your skills or learn a new hero
  • PLAY/PRACTICE VS A.I. - Play against AI-controlled opponents on any map you choose. Use these modes to try out different maps and learn how multiple heroes work
  • QUICK PLAY - Square off against other players at your skill level.
  • CUSTOM GAME - Change the rules of the game with custom modifiers (like disallowing heroes, increasing Ultimate ability charge rate, etc.).
  • ARCADE - Experimental matches with unique and seasonal rules, plus weekly rewards!
  • COMPETITIVE PLAY - Compete against other players and work your way up the ranks.

As you play games you earn XP, which is applied to your profile after every game. You earn 4 XP for every second you are active in a game, as well as an XP bonus for the highest medal earned in a match. A gold medal is worth 150 XP, a silver medal is worth 100 XP, and a bronze medal is worth 50 XP. If you receive multiple medals, you will only get an XP bonus for the highest medal earned. For example, if you earned 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal, you will only receive an XP bonus of 150 XP. You also receive a 500 XP bonus if you win a match, a 250 XP bonus if you lose a match, a 200 XP bonus if you complete consecutive games in the same lobby, a 1,500 XP bonus for your first win of the day, and a 20% multiplier to all XP gained in a match if you're grouped up with friends. You do not gain any XP if you quit a match before it ends.

Every time your profile levels up, you unlock a loot box which contains 4 random cosmetic items. These can include skins, voice lines, sprays, victory poses, profile images, and Play of the Game intros. In typical Blizzard fashion there are rarity tiers for each cosmetic item, which range from common (white) to legendary (orange). You can also sometimes get credits in a loot box, either as its own drop or as the result of a duplicate item. Credits can be used to purchase any cosmetic item for any character, and prices for items vary based on rarity. At the high end, you will need 1,000 credits to purchase a legendary skin.

At low levels, leveling up is quick. The amount of XP required to level up increases up until you hit level 23, at which point it remains constant until you hit level 100. You will receive a new portrait frame every 10 levels. At level 100 you are ”promoted," which gives you a new portrait frame theme and resets your level. Your cosmetic items are never reset. Overwatch also has achievements, which can be earned for performing various tasks in-game. Certain achievements will unlock general and hero-specific sprays that can be equipped.​

When you have reached at least level 25, you can join Competitive Play. After playing 10 placement matches, you are given an initial Skill Rating. You then spend the rest of the season trying to climb as high in the rankings as possible. Rewards are given at the end of each season for participating and based on your peak Skill Rating.

Welcome to Season 3 of Competitive Play (Blizzard blog post)

Key Differences from Quick Play:
  • Teams take turns attacking/defending on asymmetrical maps
  • Control (KOTH) is BO5

Hero Resources: Playlist of Video Guides (some outdated due to patch changes) | r/OverwatchUniversity
Competitive Resources: GosuGamers | Over.GG | r/CompetitiveOverwatch | r/Overwatched (competitive VODs)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I'm new to the game and there are so many heroes! Where do I start?
A: After playing the Tutorial, try out any heroes you're interested in on the Practice Range to get used to their weapons and abilities. Then pick them in a few VS AI or Quick Play matches. It's recommended that you learn at least one character per role. If you have any questions about specific heroes or abilities, feel free to look up guides in the resources listed above or ask in this thread.

Q: Any tips for new players?
A: Turn on the Kill Feed in Gameplay Options and hit Tab a lot to see who's alive and your team's Ultimate statuses. Every bit of information helps!

Q: Do I need a mic to play this?
A: Not necessarily, but any kind of communication can have a big impact. Try to join Team Chat whenever you enter a new game so you can at least hear calls. Also, there are a few useful text chat lines that you can bind. For example, by default pressing Z will let your team know your Ultimate percentage.

Q: What can I keep in mind to be successful in fights?
A: There are 3 key types of advantage in Overwatch that you should leverage to give yourself a better chance.

Q: What's a good mouse sensitivity?
A: There's a wide range of aim styles and you can be successful with all kinds of sensitivities. However, I recommend you experiment with adjusting your sensitivity as low as you can go while still being able to comfortably 180. The lower your sens, the more easily you can make fine adjustments and consistently track. The higher your sens, the more quickly you can spin around and more dramatically you can flick. Click here for more information about aim training, styles, mouse hardware, etc.
I think it's time for me to drop the beat

I ain't posted in the Overwatch OT but I'm starting to play it more and more now. I finally got to Competitive level conveniently on the same game I got my first Play of the Game On a couple days ago (I mostly play Lucio/support so I don't get those), so I'm starting to branch out to the basic shooter characters now. Feels gud
This is probably a dumb question, but how do you guys feel with the upcoming Tank Hero, Orissa? Do you think she is going to make a big impact? Which heroes are going to be hit the hardest with this new kid on the block?
Fun title.

Remember the old Gaf Overwatch mantra, "If you look at your team and can't figure out who's dragging down the team, it's you. Because it's clearly not me."
This is probably a dumb question, but how do you guys feel with the upcoming Tank Hero, Orissa? Do you think she is going to make a big impact? Which heroes are going to be hit the hardest with this new kid on the block?
Everyone will use her for a few weeks and eventually find out she's only good for some map types.
This is probably a dumb question, but how do you guys feel with the upcoming Tank Hero, Orissa? Do you think she is going to make a big impact? Which heroes are going to be hit the hardest with this new kid on the block?
we need everything we can to pluck pharah out of the sky!
Every post here is trash. This game is trash.
Overwatch was a mistake.

if anas any indication she'll be busted on release. so far it looks like she has good utility and solid damage which means ur gonna probably see a lot of her soon.
Orisa can't hold her own under dive pressure. She'll dominate the range game but a projectile based gun against a mobile hero at point-blank range is not her forte.
yeah but as a tank, you're almost never going to be alone in any sense unless you're like winston or something lul. i think she has too much utility in her basic kit and her ultimate for her to not see at least a 20-30% pick rate.
Dang, didn't make the wall of shame this time. I blame Bastion.

It was probably actually me running out of data to use on my phone at work due to too much GAF browsing, but I still choose to blame Bastion.
Pro-Tip: Don't let your little cousins play overwatch for an hour or so

I logged back on and I have this penalty with -75% XP for the next 13 games due to quitting or something. And one of them played a placement match of comp. I don't even want to know what kind of rage they were receiving there.
yeah but as a tank, you're almost never going to be alone in any sense unless you're like winston or something lul. i think she has too much utility in her basic kit and her ultimate for her to not see at least a 20-30% pick rate.
Sure, but a good dive comp rarely has one flanker harassing the supports and backline
Playing arcade and I'm just absolutely getting slaughtered trying to get my loot boxes. Fuck me, I think for every game I win I'm losing like 4. I can't figure out why either. Very frustrating.
Team refusing a Zenyatta on the first Anubis point in favor of Lucio...then complaining the whole match about how long it takes to kill Bastion now.
Had a match with an incoherent, screeching on the mic Genji who would build ult then switch heroes and do the same over and over again.

We took Hanamura point A in like 30 seconds off a failed Mei Ice Wall. Then we can't push point B because of the Genji.

I get Hanamura a second time, with a user by the name of Torbjorn only. He even had the accent marks.

We lost that one but only barely. His Torbjorn​ was not very good and I've played with good Torb only one tricks.

I then go Roadhog / D.Va and tear through a match of Lijiang but man is my SR stagnating. I'm at 2700 after 20 wins, whereas last season I was 2700 after 150 or so wins.

Please can I just get a team of people actually tying for the next like 10 games or so to get me to Diamond?
yeah, but we don't know what effect Oriza will have on the viability of dive comps, especially with the power of her ultimate, which can easily break the game's somewhat stable meta atm.
I think the fact that it's so hard for her to deal with divers suggests that she won't be heavily affecting their viability. Her ultimate lasts 15 seconds and is one of the longest charging ults in the game - that means Supercharger is really great for making one big push or stopping one big push, but not for consistently swatting off a co-ordinated dive. Even if there was a Winston hanging around her to deter Genjis, Sombras, and Tracers, that only compensates for her weakness and takes up a slot that could be used for another hero better suited for dealing with such a composition.