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Overwatch will get two new maps, Arcade Mode soon (public test next week)


At this year's Blizzcon opening ceremonies, Blizzard quickly showed off a new Overwatch map after revealing that Sombra will finally be making her way to the game soon. The map will be called Oasis and it'll be set in Arabia.

There will also be an additional map, Eco Point, which will be playable in Overwatch's new arcade mode, which will allow for 1v1 and 3v3 matches. Oasis will be hitting the Public Test Realm in December, and the Eco Point map and new modes will be available for testing (along with Sombra) next week.


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Nice. What's this about Arcade mode? Is it just team deathmatch or something? Kinda sucks if there is a map that won't be in QP rotation.


Will the arcade mode have new gametypes? It's got to right? For fucks sake, the game needs more than just attack/defend, neutral point, and payload.


I can't think of many games that would be less balanced for 1v1 than Overwatch but ok then.

Make it 1v1 best of 3, same hero for each player. Each get to pick for a round then tie breaker is random CPU choice. Takes balance out of the equation.
1v1 sure sounds like it will totally not be dominated by certain heroes, which IMO is completely antithetical to the spirit of Overwatch's gameplay.


Would 100x more rather have a proper PvE mode like Junkenstein's Revenge than Deathmatch-type stuff. But, we'll see.
So will that non-oasis map be big enough to support the regular player-count and gamemodes or are we going to be short-changed a potential second map?
So will that non-oasis map be big enough to support the regular player-count and gamemodes or are we going to be short-changed a potential second map?

This is what I'm saying. Either it's gonna be some generic half-assed tosser from a design point of view to accommodate these 1 v 1 matches or we're gonna be missing out on a good map in QP.


3v3 might be interesting I suppose, but 1v1? New maps are good news though!

I hope they add some sort of co-op mode in the future, like the Halloween event.

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First shot of Mercy vs Mercy:

Have they said what the actual 3x3 and 1x1 modes are yet? It sounded like a normal death match, which would be fun for 3x3. I would hope for 1x1 there may be differing objectives so they don't have to rebalance everyone (or restrict characters) for 1x1 play. Maybe there's a set number of objectives and depending one what characters the two players select it changes the goal?
1v1 is gonna be random heroes and both players will be using the same hero. First to 5 wins.

I look forward to Reinhardt mirror matches. Mindgames for days.


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Arcade is getting a "no limits" mode which will be like current Quick Play, and QP is getting a hero limit.
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