Oxford Word of the Year 2022: Goblin Mode


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I forgot the fact that your city is constantly swarmed by italians all year long.

We really are fucking everywhere, like indians in india.
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I think these institutions lost credibility when I first saw "Bling" inserted into the dictionary. I was like "ok, apparently I can make my own shit up as I go along"


Well maybe "normal life" is in most cases an exercise of some sort of faux social interaction. And people are getting tired of putting up that facade and rather have "real" interaction but in a ultimately unhealthy way.

There's nuance to this.
i actually think the modern world now needs more faux social interaction and obligatory politeness, not less. for a while there was something novel about people saying the silent "fuck it" out loud, but that moment has passed and the dropout/ give up mentality has become, imo, far too pervasive.

what's ironic about the term "goblin mode" is that from the words themselves you'd think it's a term of criticism, but it's actually about taking pride in despair and laziness

I want to know less about people and their personal struggles, not more.


Doesnt need recognition
Well. There's something to say regarding keeping your true feelings to yourself which in itself serves you as a real person and how you would be looked upon. But also a social construct like "keeping up appearances" which is semi inherently fake AF.

There's a fine line between being true to yourself and painting a persona as it realizes a real life concept from which social interaction works.

To honoust you're weird. And vice versa.
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“self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy”.

That’s quite a lot of unrelated things for a single definition.

Also, that’s two words. And don’t we have a word for this concept already, like… zoomer? :messenger_tongue:
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